Audi in china – China is now Audi's largest foreign market

China is now Audi’s largest foreign market. VW’s luxury brand, it has also not too difficult: It benefits the rapid growth of the People’s Republic and grows with the market.

Who knows Changchun? In this city located in northeastern China after all, home to nearly nine million people – that alone is more than the population of Austria as a whole. In this city, and produce VW Audi their cars for the Chinese market – in 2010 there were already a million copies, more than 600,000 VWs and 300,000 Audis.

Audi’s production had begun on site in 1988 with the assembly of kits under license by the future partner of the Volkswagen Group’s First Automotive Works (FAW). Audi Board Member for Development Michael Dick knows the city from the start – and now no longer recognizes them again: At its center, at least they no longer differs much from Western glittering metropolises. ‘But,’ said Dick, ‘I admire our people who came here as a first, very. Not even in front of a hotel that had anywhere near our usual standards.’

The first Audi customers were long-term corporate and government authorities. Meanwhile, the proportion rose to private customers up to 80 percent. Most are small businesses and successful business people – and this is in contrast to Germany , where about 80 percent of the more upmarket models go to fleet management.

In a survey by JD Powers for the satisfaction of new car buyers Audi finished 2011 in China at 41 marks for the third time in succession the first place – and the variety in the categories – in terms of quality assessment in the Sales Satisfaction Index, with the lowest number of complaints and in customer service.

If Audi now by China as his ‘ second home ‘speaks, then that’s a good reason: The People’s Republic became the last fiscal year for Audi’s largest single market – ahead of Germany. 23 percent of its cars sold VW’s luxury brand in China, 19 percent in Germany, 58 percent in the rest of the world.

Initially, from 1988, it was the Audi 100, still assembled by joint venture partner FAW was. In 1999, the Audi A6L (the long version) added, 2003, the Audi A4. 2008 Audi built its own assembly hall. Since 2009, the A4 is built in a long-wheelbase version (plus six inches), since 2010, the Q5. In the same year, the Audi A6L also as an electric car.

The new compact van Q3 is currently imported in the near future he will also be built in China. The assembly hall has been extended specifically for this purpose – which was a two-month halt in production is necessary. In China, at least can afford the Audi. Who takes a look at the modern factory buildings noted only because the Chinese workers that he is in the Far East. Otherwise, the assembly lines do not differ particularly from those in Ingolstadt.