Austin’s Wine Bar Scene

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The new Austin is different than the Austin from years past. The companies that have moved to the area have brought a new type of crowd and the new crowds search for new places to spend their Friday nights. With that new crowd came the new trend of wine bars. Austin always had a couple of these new trendy locales, but with the population explosion the number of wine bars in the city in the 90’s was simply not enough to satisfy the new growing number of customers. Now the new wine bars are a compliment to the old ones and there is a sign company Austin for every one of them.

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Grove Wine Bar

Grove Wine bar is one of the most popular places with the locals. It seems that once you go to this place once, you want to keep coming back. You get used to the same faces and smiles every week, but they are also welcoming to the new ones. A sign company Austin can help to proudly display the location of this wine bar gem. The atmosphere is sure to make you feel relaxed, and it is complemented by the wine list and some of the best food in the city.

You may only have one complaint about Grove Wine Bar, and that is that you may have a hard time finally getting a seat. It must be emphasized that this is not because of bad service; in fact it is due to how good this place is. As stated before Grove has many repeat customers which a sign company Austin pointed them to. The patrons just keep coming back because the place is worth the wait and if you love wine bars you would be making a mistake in choosing another place because of the wait.


Cru’s main objective is to give you the best selection of wine and they are serious about that objective. Cru gives its patrons a wine list that includes 300 different selections; and the food is a fusion of two of the most popular fine dining cuisines, Asian and French. They also offer two pizza styles that are popular with the people who go there, stone oven and wood oven pizzas. There are other locations where you will see a Cru Restaurant and Wine bar, but the one in Austin is possibly the best of them.

The wine list at Cru is the main reason for its success. There is no wine connoisseur that leaves Cru unhappy, because if you want a certain type of wine from a certain place in the world they probably have it. Some wine bars will have staff that may not be familiar with the selection. Not only are the ones at Cru familiar with them, they can also recommend the wine that will go perfect with your meal, and they usually hit the nail right on the head. A sign company Austin can point you to many wine bars in the city, but if you want the best experience Cru and Grove will give you all the wine experience you can possibly want.

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