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Australia Urban Survival Guide

You decided to do everything you can and move to Australia; you are granted an immigration visa, and you are ready to go for it. What do you do first? Are you excited, thrilling with sensation? Who wouldn’t be, after all it is Australia that we are talking about. But there are several things that you ought to know about the world’s isolated continent.
This will be a simple guide on how to set, and why, a new life in the kangaroo world. Followed by some simple instructions and helpful tips, this will give you more than enough on why you should become a real Aussie.

Nowadays, many people tend to immigrate to Australia. But what is it exactly that attracts them to this vast prairie? Some say it is the touch of unharmed nature, others say that it is the lifestyle, others that it is the opportunity of starting a new life. All of the above mentioned reasons are fairly true, and I think that we can all agree on one thing – Australia possesses a soul, unique compared to any other place on Earth. You think that kangaroos live there by accident? Of course not, they chose Australia, and so should you.

Jokes aside, if you enjoy the nature at its fullest, lots of plants in many different colors, a lot of fresh air, food and supplies from only the finest-bred animals and a smile on almost every face, then Australia is the place for you. That is if you can get used to driving on the left side of the road, and that weird yet sophisticated accent. And not to mention the Australian dollar, which gets stronger by each passing day, with bills made from indestructible paper. It has luxury written all over it. Did we mention that the lowest minimum wage per hour is 20$? Say that again please; twenty dollars? That’s it; I’m buying myself a one way ticket. With a decent job qualifications, you can get employed very fast, and get on your tracks in just a matter of days. You might also consider purchasing a car, since it is completely affordable, and it is a must have, for some jobs may require you to travel. This will require of you to get a driver’s license. Getting one is quite easy; you just have to book a driving course. There are several options when choosing your driving course, and we recommend, among many, a safer driving course for beginners.

Traveling by a bus or train takes a lot of time, and sometimes it is more than you can afford. Using a cab is optional, but can be very expensive for a new beginning, especially if you are saving up for a house.

To summarize, Australia is a land of opportunities, and should be put on your list. You will get used to the lifestyle very quickly, and you might find it easier to do certain things you had problems with in the past. After all, it is mostly sunny, so there are beaches to conquer and the waves are always ready to be surfed.

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