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Elissa Cohen is a consumer advocate. She is a lifelong resident of Dallas, TX and a teacher and personal finance contributor to Seekyt. She mentors college graduates and young couples getting a start in life with financial advice and life strategies for for family and financial security.
symptoms of lupus

What are the Symptoms of Lupus?

Understanding the early symptoms of lupus can help you identify or manage a potentially serious, chronic autoimmune, inflammatory disease which occurs if your body's immune system attacks your own tissues and organs. What is...
evening primrose oil benefits

Evening Primrose Oil Benefits for Health

If one were to ask me what is the most amazing discovery in term of prevention and cure? I would say it was evening primrose oil benefits. Evening primrose oil is...
deaf education programs texas

Top Deaf Education Programs in Texas

It has been found out that almost one in five people aren’t able to hear properly at least in one ear. This is truly an alarming statistic and because of this, one...
most popular birth control pills

5 Most Recommended Birth Control Pills of 2015

Birth control pills are the most widely used and the most common method of birth control available to women, and even more important to sexually active younger women to avoid unintended teen...
pros and cons of birth control pills

Are There Side Effects of Birth Control Pills?

Considering how to get a prescription for birth control pills? First, there are many forms of birth control and pills typically come in 2 types – combination pills that contain a combination...
buy now pay later catalog

Buy Now Pay Later Sites for Bad Credit 2016

Here come the holidays and many of us are looking for opportunities to secure that special gift for the important people in our lives. No one wants to be a person who is...
pre approved catalogs

Carol Wright Pre Approved Catalogs

Carol Wright Gifts, frequently sought after as one of many pre approved catalogs, has been in action since 1972 and is considered as one of the best gift ideas store for...
free computer low income students

Free Computers for Low Income Students – How to Find Them

Free laptop computers for low income students is one of the available benefits for low income individuals created to give disadvantaged students the tools they need to get a proper education...