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Margaret Allen is a lifelong resident of Landover, MD and a mother of two bright girls. She is a health, wellness, and family contributor at Seekyt and an experienced fitness coach and nutritionist. She helps her clients set goals and be the best and most healthy versions of themselves.
jealous coworkers toxic

Jealous Coworkers – How to Manage Toxic Colleagues

As you have climbed up the corporate ladder of success, you have probably made many friends and even a few enemies in the process. In any workplace, there will always be...
5 types of headaches

5 Types of Headaches – Which Kind do You Have?

It’s been a long day at the office, or you’ve had a hectic day with the kids. Whatever the reason, this headache is persistent and not going anywhere fast. What are...
discipline without yelling

How to Discipline Without Yelling

Your child is screaming the whole way through the grocery store. They won’t comply with chores or they are going through a phase where they are being unkind or aggressive with...
health benefits of bananas

Incredible Health Benefits of Bananas

Ever since I was little, I have loved bananas. One of my favorite recipes is banana chocolate chip bread that I make every summer. Sometimes, for breakfast, I eat a banana...
life lessons learned from dog

The 5 Life Lessons Learned from Dogs

You can learn a lot from being a pet owner and the lessons begin from the first day your furry family member steps into your life and continue after you say...
build self confidence

Building Self Confidence and Accepting Who You Are

  Liberate yourself - Go out and do what you like! - How long has it been since you last went to have a walk among the pines and did something that...
benefits of prozac

You Didn’t Know these Benefits of Prozac

You're feeling run down, depressed and discouraged. Life's daily grind is too much for you to handle and your problems have taken an emotional toll. You need help, that much is...
mens underwear

How to Change Your Man’s Underwear

Men hate buying their own underwear. Single men tend to whiz into big departmental stores, grabbing the 3-pack underwear that are dyed in the dullest colors, hoping that the lady at...
pregnant with celiac

I’m Pregnant with Celiac Disease

If you are pregnant with celiac disease and are well controlled because you stick rigidly to a gluten-free diet, you are as likely as anyone who has not got celiac disease...
nursing school

A Nurse’s Know-How, From People to Nursing School

  Being a nurse is all about relating-to and understanding people. There's just more to it than nursing school. While nurses obviously need to know  about medicine and also about diseases, it...