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Morris is a contributing author with Seekyt. I'm an ENFP on the Myers-Briggs personality test. I am an environmental consultant who works with developing countries and developing communities to help them become more environmentally sustainable and economically self-sustaining.
great father after divorce

5 Ways to Be a Great Father After Divorce

Decades ago, but not too many decades ago, divorce signaled a father's presence fading into the family background. More times than not, the mother was awarded sole custody and after the...
side view woman in bra arms crossed holding flowers covering dermatomal distribution

What Causes Shingles to Spread

People that suffer from shingles often wonder what causes ugly dermatomal distribution in Shingles. Shingles or herpes zoster, the same virus that causes Chickenpox, can lie dormant in your body for...
symptoms of anaphylaxis

Symptoms of Anaphylaxis

Symptoms of Anaphylaxis can appear and advance very quickly and early symptoms can range from a mild disorientation and runny nose or a skin rash and then advance to more serious,...
common food allergies

Most Common Food Allergy Symptoms for 2016

Before considering allergies and food allergy symptoms, it is important to know what an allergy is. An allergy is a response by the body's immune system to a foreign substance in...
real estate scams

Watch Out for Website Real Estate Scams

Many still say the Internet is like the Wild West. When it comes to the proliferation of scams, this is certainly true! As webmaster for over two dozen legal, real estate,...
perfect mothers day

How to Create the Perfect Mothers Day in 2016

If you ask anyone, who is that one person in your life that has done everything for you, can do anything for you, is your best support system and is always...
pros cons seller financing

Pros and Cons of Seller Financing

Looking to investigate the pros and cons of seller financing? One can define seller financing as a type of loan which is provided by the seller of either a property (house,...
keep cats off your car

The Best Ways to Keep Cats Off Your Car

Cats are one of those animals which you see A LOT! Whether or not you are a cat person and have a cat as your pet, you would still see kitties...
outdoor ceiling fan

Tips for Choosing Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Open air fans are helpful in a gazebo, deck, or patio when you’re in hot, stagnant summer air. They cool you down so that you can extend the amount of time...
should medical marijuana be legalized

The Facts on Should Medical Marijuana be Legalized

Marijuana has been illegal since 1970 when it was listed as a controlled substance because it was considered to offer no medical benefits. However, it is important to ask the question,...