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Paul is an assistant editor with Seekyt. I'm an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs personality test and I'm a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan. I'm also a devoted father of two wonderful daughters.
reduce stress

3 Keys to Reduce Stress and Be Happy

Anything taken too much is bad for the health. A little stress is actually good, as it could serve to help you function at your best. However, stress that seems a...

5 Essential Characteristics of Successful People

We all want to strive for success. It’s what our main goal is as we work our way through high school and college. We start our own business and start our...
reverse type 2 diabetes

How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

It’s no secret. Obesity and diabetes are on the rise (CDC) generally all around the world, but no more so than right here in the United States. Since the birth of...
social media manners

Social Media Manners for Children

Children as young as preschool know how to use an iPad. Grade schoolers have their social media accounts, and some have their own cell phones. More than 80% of teens are...
parenting behaviors

3 Parenting Behaviors Toddlers Respond to

Toddlers are just starting to grasp their environment. They’re starting to walk and get used to their surroundings. From their viewpoint, they live in a small world that is run by...