Automatic Phone Dialer-Emergency Phone Dialer Sytems

When you or your loved one is in trouble, the last thing you want to think about is how they are going to get help. For various reasons, many people may not be able to dial a telephone or may not be able to get to the phone for help due to a fall or for some other reason. God forbid there is ever a break-in or a home invasion of any sort, with just a push of a button from the pendant around your or your loved one’s neck, you can summon help without alerting your assailant.

The ‘Help at Hand Emergency Phone Dialer,’ by Maxi-Aids

This amazing gadget has 4 emergency phone numbers that you can pre-program into the phone. For each phone number, the number is dial automatically and a pre-recorded message reaches the emergency help respondent. The ‘Help at Hand Emergency Phone Dialer’ also comes with a pendant that is waterproof and can be easily worn around the neck even while in the shower or bath. With this device, there are no monthly fees, no contracts and no monthly service charges. When you or your loved one needs help, all you do is pull on the ring on the pendant and it dials the pre-programmed numbers and sends out your pre-programmed message. Help is on the way! This is ideal for seniors who don’t want to give up their independence, disabled individuals or youngsters. The dialing is also silent in case there is a crime in progress, the assailant will not be alerted that you or your loved ones have rung for help.

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