Automobile Insurance Will Replace A Broken Windshield Free

Car insurance will replace a broken windshield free of charge in some states. You’re driving down the street when you see a rock get flicked from under the rear tire of the vehicle in front of you and head directly toward your windshield. It’s coming so fast there’s no time to try to dodge it. Besides that, there’s traffic on both sides of you and swerving could cause a very bad automobile accident. The rock isn’t that big but at the speed you’re traveling and the speed that the rock is flying makes this a bad situation all around. The rock seems to be traveling in Hollywood slow motion and you start to get that sick feeling that you get in your stomach when you know all you can do is hang on and hope for the best. The rock finally hits your windshield and… bounces off.

A few days later you notice a small spot on the windshield. When you take a closer look at the spot you realize it’s not a spot, the windshield is chipped. Then you remember the rock that hit your windshield and notice that this chip is in the same spot. But not only is the windshield chipped, but cracks in the windshield have spidered across the glass from the point of impact. Not to worry, your car insurance will replace a broken windshield free of charge in some states.

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It’s against the law to drive a vehicle with a broken windshield so it’s in your best interest to get a situation like this taken care of as-soon-as-possible. You can start by contacting the car insurance company and telling them your story. Most car insurance companies will help you replace a broken windshield free of charge.

If you’re covered though your car insurance company, they will suggest approved glass companies that do windshield repair for you to choose from. The insurance company will work with the company that you use to replace a windshield free of charge. Once you choose a company to do the repair, make an appointment for them to come out to replace your windshield. Most will come to your home, your office, or wherever you agree to meet to do the repair. The glass company bills your insurance company after you sign off on the work.

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Some glass companies will offer to repair a crack in your windshield by filling the crack with a resin rather than replace it with a new one. This resin repair can only be used in certain situations depending on the size and shape of the crack in your windshield. Whichever method you choose, car insurance will replace a broken windshield free of charge in some states.

What’s your broken windshield story? Tell us how it happened in the comment section below.

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