Autumn and winter – the most unpleasant time for people with chronic diseases of respiratory system


Unfortunately, asthma can not be completely cured. It is a chronic breathing disorder with recurrent attacks of breathlessness and wheezing.

– Usually, the development of diseases say such symptoms as shortness of breath, coughing, shortness of breath when you laugh or physical exertion, nocturnal dyspnea, – says the doctor prick the center of the Institute of Pulmonology of them. Yanovski, MD Paul Grisha. – Often these symptoms are regarded as signs of bronchitis. People unsuccessfully treated and miss time. And when the patient arrives with visible signs of asthma, to treat it much more difficult, it requires more financial and time costs.

Until the end of the causes and development of the disease are not clear. The strongest risk factors for developing asthma, scientists believe, is a genetic predisposition combined with exposure to inhaled substances from the environment:

  • ‘Home’ allergens (eg house dust mites in bedding, carpets and stuffed furniture, pollution and pet dander);
  • outdoor allergens (such as pollens and molds);
  • tobacco smoke;
  • chemical irritants in the workplace.

Can also affect the patient’s asthma, cold air, emotional arousal (anger or fear), physical exercise and certain medications.


– Today, the prevalence of asthma is greater than the pathological conditions such as coronary heart disease (300 times), lung (33 times), breast cancer (20 times), stroke (15 times), and HIV infection (5 times), – said Prof. Yuri Feshchenko. – The incidence of asthma, according to the World Health Organization, is increasing worldwide, especially among children. As for Ukraine, for over 25 years of special epidemiological studies have been conducted. But there is data: the prevalence of asthma among us – about 5-6%, and an extremely high rate globally.

Modern diagnostic techniques (tests to determine the allergen, sputum, lung function, exercise testing, etc.) can detect most have implications for asthma – the changes in the bronchi and lungs. Understand also that the cause of the disease, difficult even for specialists. But there are signs which can be suspected that there was just astmoidnoe state of nerves. It is necessary to analyze the circumstances under which the first attack occurred, not whether it was due to some difficult moments in life.


All colds (influenza, acute respiratory disease) will occur is very difficult.

Chances of chronic bronchitis, tendency to pneumonia.

But it’s flowers in comparison with the complications that are life-threatening asthma: pulmonary and cardiac failure. However, convincing doctors, thanks to the correct diagnosis, treatment and education can significantly improve the quality of life of people.

– We prove that the adequate treatment of asthma can control the clinical manifestations of the disease – sleep disturbance, restriction of activities of daily living, impaired lung function, the need for emergency preparations – emphasizes Yuri Feshchenko. – In controlled asthma may accidentally return of symptoms and extremely rare development of severe exacerbations of the disease. Especially in recent decades thanks to the achievements of pharmaceutical industry offered effective treatments that allow the patient adhering to prescribed medical treatment, to maintain daily activities.

And may all of the nerves

According to specialists, the cause of more than 50% of all cases of asthma and skin allergies are the psychological problems. True asthma develops from an organic lesion of bronchi. And when astmoidnom state (‘nerve’ asthma) cause is a nervous breakdown, and then later joined by organic changes in the lungs and bronchi.

Psychologists at the University of Munich conducted a survey of 1,500 people, asthma in adulthood. So, about 30% of them the first attack occurred against the background of family turmoil (divorce, illness, relatives, etc.). And 20% of asthmatics are due to problems at work – dismissal or overload.

Think about the fact that asthma – ‘the nerves’, and should in that case, if you can not identify the allergen and triggers. And also if the patient begins to cough and choke every time nervous.

External manifestations of true bronchial asthma and astmoidnogo state are virtually identical. The same bronchospasm, coughing, sweating, weakness, feeling of suffocation and terrifying fear. But astmoidnoe condition can be cured completely if to get to the cause of the anxiety and eliminate it.

Need to consult with a psychiatrist or neuropsychiatrists. He will be able to pick up the regimen. There are various sedatives to relieve the tension increased. Useful in massage and physiotherapy sessions.

You should also remember that with any kind of asthma is very harmful humidity and stale air. Try to keep the apartment was dry and warm but not hot, be sure to arrange airing twice a day. It is also important for asthmatics to always keep your feet warm, do not walk in wet shoes.


  • For the diagnosis is necessary to study
  • Functional study of the lungs (spirometry).
  • Skin tests with the allergen.
  • Examination of blood for antibodies to different kinds of allergens.
  • Blood test for immunoglobulin E (IgE), which indicates an allergic disposition of the body.

Stay in touch

  1. Symptoms
  2. Shortness of breath with difficulty exhaling.
  3. Rales in the bronchi, intermittent ‘barking’ breath.
  4. Tightness in the chest.
  5. Asthma or difficulty breathing.
  6. A cough that starts after or during exposure to the allergen. Respiratory symptoms may be combined with skin – redness, swelling. Often, contact with an allergen causes the asthmatic red eyes, watery eyes, nasal allergies.