Autumn Romance – Stories and Portraits of Love After 50

As a life-time romantic believing that love can be found at any age, I began looking for a book to give to a recently widowed friend. She is over 60 and sure she will never find romance again. This book, ‘Autumn Romance’ can show her it is not only plausible, but has happened to many.

The book warmly tells the story of 29 people from various parts of the world who find love in the Autumn of their lives. The photos are delightful to look at, and I could almost feel as if I know each couple.

I loved the story about a Colorado couple who found each other after believing there was no hope for true love. He was giving into depression before she came along and showed him their is joy in life, especially through love.

I also believe this is a book for people who have been together for many years. It can show a way to rekindle the romance, and to know that love isn’t just for the young. Romance is there at any age.

The author’s personal story of find love at an older age and how it led her to travel all over the world gathering stories of senior love and romance.

I got to wondering if people who do find love at an older age live longer than those without love in their lives.

Thoughts like that spur me on and before I know it, I’m looking for statistics to answer my questions, then I move into writing more articles and before I know it, I am caught up in a world that I might not have even imagined before looking into something such as this for my friend.

Love, it is there for all of us at any age but I’m thinking it needs to be something we want and are open to receiving it.

I hope my friend will enjoy this book as much as I have and not be upset that I took time to read it before giving it to her. I also hope she will open up to finding love again. She is much to vibrant a person to not find it, even if she is in the Autumn of her life.

If you or someone you know is over 50, consider buying Autumn Romance, it may give you or them hope.