Avaak Vue SB2300 Camera Review – Security, Convenience and Accessible from Anywhere

The Avaak Vue wireless personal video network gives you the ability to access your Avaak Vue cameras in your home from anywhere. There’s nothing easier and simpler than using Vue to remotely check on family, home, business or anything you choose to secure with these cameras. The Avaak Vue’s cameras are completely wireless so they require no camera cables to transfer video nor do they require even a power code. You don’t even need to install any special software on your computer, all you need is a web browser, and you can even view the video from your Avaak Vue video cameras using nearly any brand of smartphone including the iPhone, Blackberry and Android using the VueZone mobile app. All that’s required is a high speed internet connection in your home and a router with an available ethernet port to be able to broadcast your Vue cameras remotely. 3G or wi-fi is required to view video on your smartphone.

The Avaak Vue SB2300 bundle comes with 2 Vue CI cameras made for indoor usage, the Vue gateway, four wall mounts, two batteries, mounting screws, an AC adapter and an ethernet cable. Optional (and also a separate purchase) is the Avaak Vye CM2040 wireless motion detection camera. Using the VueZone service you’ll be able to access your cameras remotely at my.vuezone.com starting at $19.95 a year and you get your first year free. With the VueZone service you’ll be able to watch live streams from up to 50 of your own Vue cameras complete with pan and zoom. You’ll also be able to record video, play back video and store video clips and images. You can also store your videos using VueZone’s 2GB of online storage space and share videos with friends online using YouTube and share images using Flickr. And with normal use your Avaak Vue cameras can last up to a year on a single battery.

Now with the downsides. While only needing a battery may be a good thing for many those who want a way to use AC power for their cameras are out of luck since there is no such option. Also, when recording, you will not be able to switch to other cameras until the recording session is ended. Yet, all in all, this is a great product for someone looking for an affordable, reliable way to keep an eye on their home for security reasons and otherwise.