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Avail Remote PC Support for Troubleshooting ‘The Requested Operation Requires Elevation’ Error

Remote PC support companies engage in offering instant online computer solutions to the end users by eliminating the pain of unplugging a device and taking it down the lane for repairs. Online tech support vendors install the remote desktop client on your device to ensure safe remote computing experience.

Read below to know some common tips that can help you to fix Windows errors:

No matter how efficiently you manage your computer or conduct system maintenance strategies, your PC is prone to uncertain system errors and damages. Uncertain computing issues and errors can ruin your pleasant computing experience and may force you to sit idle during your crucial productive hours. Sometimes, handling PC problems may become annoying and tiresome. You may contact your online technical support partner to seek instant resolutions for some common computing issues. But have you ever thought about saving your hard-earned dollars that you pay to a desktop repair technician as a repair fee? If no, then read below to know how you can resolve ‘The Requested Operation Requires Elevation’ error, without spending a single dollar.

What is ‘The Requested Operation Requires Elevation’ Error?

You may get the error while executing some commands in Windows 7 or Vista computer because the OS is unable to perform the software deployment. Sometimes, the error may also appear while installing older applications on your Windows 7 PC. “The requested operation requires elevation” error takes place because some applications require elevated privileges to run. Sometimes, these errors can get resolved by simply running the problematic software with administrative (elevated) privileges.

The Main Problem

The error usually occurs whenever a user tries to perform Software Deployment but fails to do so because the user account lacks administrative permissions.

Cause of the Problem

Since the advanced User Access Control (UAC) will not allow users to install software in the silent mode, the error message will appear. The software development rights are restricted to the default administrator in Windows 7, Vista and XP. You will get this error message when you specify a user, probably a member of the Administrator group, in the ‘Run As’ option.

Tips to Resolve the Issue Without Taking Help From Online Technical Support Executive

Since the error occurs due to the default settings of the Windows OS, you will require overcoming the situation by disabling the UAC. Additionally, you can also work around this problem by either using a default administrator account or installing the software in the system account. If you choose to use default administrator account, use the Default Administrator account in the ‘Run As’ option. Refrain yourself from specifying a member of the Administrative group as it may raise the issue while applying administrative rights with its corresponding passwords. If you want to install the software in the system account, then remove the ‘Run As’ user and turn off ‘UAC’ on the client computers.

Follow the tips mentioned below to turn off the ‘UAC’ in the client computers:

1. Go to Start > Control Panel > User Account

2. Click ‘User Account Control Settings’ link to open the ‘User Account Control Settings’ dialog box

3. You will now see the control level

4. Drag and adjust the control level settings to ‘Never Notify’

5. Click ‘OK’ and click the ‘Turn User Account Settings On or Off’ link

6. Uncheck the ‘Use User Account Control (UAC) to protect your computer’ option and click ‘OK’

7. Close the ‘Control Panel’ window and restart the computer for the changes to take effect.


All of the tips mentioned above require in-depth knowledge and expertise to deal with your system’s OS settings. In case you’re not aware of what all changes you’re making to your device, it is better to take help of a remote PC support technician. The error may occur due to different reasons including problems in software installation, software installation failure, and network path not found.

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