Avail Seamless Remote PC Support for Troubleshooting 0x80004005 Error

A Windows PC is prone to numerous flaws, errors, and uncertainties. If you think that your computer confronts too many system errors, dial a remote PC support helpline and avail instant desktop repair services to fix the same. Read below to know how you can avail online technical support for resolving complex Windows errors.

It is true that a virus, uncertain performance flaws, or a system error may interrupt your pleasing computing experience. Sometimes these errors may take quite long to get fixed and for that particular period your device will remain idle. Uncertain errors not only interrupt your pleasing computing environment, but also hamper your productivity, resulting in an unnecessary delay in meeting work deadlines. If you think that the only way to resolve such troublesome computing errors is by contacting an online PC support company, then wait a minute. Since some of the errors aren’t too difficult to handle, you can easily follow some remote PC guides to fix the same on your own. Error code 0x80004005 is one of the most common system errors that you may face on a Windows XP-based PC. You can troubleshoot it on your own by following these tips:

Cause of Error code 0x80004005

One of the prime reasons behind the occurrence of the error is a damaged or a missing Windows Product Activation (WPA) file. The behavior may occur if one or both of the following situations are true:

• A third-party program interferes with the installation of Windows XP

• The WPA file is manually modified.

How a Desktop Repair Technician Will Work around the Error Code 0x80004005?

Method1: For Users Upgrading From Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition

1. Insert a Windows XP CD-ROM and perform an in-place upgrade repair

2. Enter a valid product key

3. Wait until the installation gets finished and check if the problem gets resolved

4. If not, try uninstalling Windows XP and switch back to the Windows OS you were using previously.

Method2. For Users Repairing the Installation of Windows XP

1. Insert the Windows XP CD and restart your computer

2. When you see the “Press any key to start from CD” message, press a key to boot your system from the Windows XP CD

3. When you receive the following message, press ‘R’ to start the Recovery Console:

“To set up Windows XP now, press ENTER.

To repair a Windows XP installation by using Recovery Console, press R

To exit Setup without installing Windows XP, press F3”

4. After pressing the ‘R’ key, you will get the numbered option, denoting a Windows path

5. Press ‘1’ to access your primary drive installation by using the Windows Recovery Console

6. The program will prompt for an administrator password, type the same and press Enter

7. Rename the following files by typing “REN File_Name.extensionFile_Name.old” in the command prompt




8. Now, replace “File_Name.extension” with the file name from the list of files

9. Type the drive letter of the CD drive and press Enter

10. Type the commands mentioned below and press Enter after each command:

Expand licwmi.dl_ C:WINDOWSSystem32
Expand regwizc.dl_ C:WINDOWSSystem32
Expand licdll.dl_ C:WINDOWSSystem32
Expand wpabaln.ex_ C:WINDOWSSystem32
Expand wpa.db_ C:WINDOWSSystem32
Expand actshell.ht_ C:WINDOWSSystem32
Copy pidgen.dll C:WINDOWSSystem32

11. Finally, type “Exit” command and press Enter to restart your computer.


You can easily resolve your 0x80004005 error by adopting any of the methods mentioned above. Be extra careful while modifying the registry keys and typing commands as a wrong step may lead to complete data loss or an unresponsive PC. There are plenty of free remote PC programs available over the web, install an efficient remote desktop client and ask your tech friend to repair Windows errors for you. You can also take remote PC help from an online technical support representative if you don’t know how to troubleshoot Windows errors.