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Avail Seamless Remote PC Support with These Amazing Remote Desktop Utilities!

Plenty of online computer support companies are operating globally to deliver real time and accurate tech support to fix your complex computing issues. But have you ever thought about the remote desktop client used by the company to remotely access your devices? If no, then read the article to know about some popular utilities that can help you establish a seamless remote login environment.

Many of you must be connecting with your respective vendors to avail remote tech support on a regular basis. But an average PC user might just call his IT friends to repair his PC or restore it to a normal working state. If you’re tired of visiting your friend, cousin or colleague’s place to fix simple PC errors, then you can easily install remote desktop software to fix such errors remotely. Simply install a remote desktop viewer and connect to his computer, if you want immediate tech assistance. There are many free utilities available over the web to access your devices remotely or perform remote repairs on the other person’s computer. If you’re using popular remote tech support options like TeamViewer, LogMeIn, Bomgar, and others, then here’s the list of some alternate remote-access tools that you can try:

1. Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is an amazingly faster and portable remote desktop client that includes an extremely simple setup and easy-to-use interface (UI). Once you download and install this program, it will generate a unique ID to build up a secure connection from your PC to another computer. You can download the setup from the web by selecting the 750 KB file and speed up building your remote server.

It is important to install Ammyy Admin software on the computer that you’ll be accessing during the remote login session, so ask your friend or colleague to download and install the same. Once both the PCs have the software running, the host PC will generate the ID number to ensure that the client PC can easily connect to the network. Once the connection is through, start fixing the computer’s problems. You can also use the host PCs clipboard to transfer files to and from the computers.

2. Windows Remote Assistance

Windows Remote Assistance is an inbuilt remote assistance feature incorporated in the Windows operating systems. The feature is specially designed to create a safe yet secure remote server, helping in resolving complex PC errors and issues. The tool is only available in the Professional editions of Windows OS and on successful configuration; users can send a remote assistance invitation to ask for help. It is one of the best methods to commence a remote desktop repair as a user will not have to install anything. If you think that the program doesn’t have a proper remote assistance invitation to support your problem, then create an invitation file using the Windows Remote Assistance app. Post approval, you’ll be able to see and control the desktop remotely and start addressing the queries related to viruses, removing toolbars, or dealing with other tech problems.

3. Chrome Remote Desktop

If both you as well as your recipient have Google’s Chrome browser installed on respective computers, then immediately access the Chrome Remote Desktop app to connect with other PCs remotely. Ask your friend or colleague to install this remote desktop client and open in a new tab page. Establish a strong yet reliable remote PC connection by clicking on the ‘Enable remote connections’ options and pass on the access code to the other user to enhance network and device security. Additionally, if you wish to connect to a particular PC or server regularly, then try setting up a PIN for permanent remote access to save time and effort. The cross-platform tool works seamlessly with Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS to remotely access your computers and resolve your tech issues instantly.

4. VNC

VNC or Virtual Network Computing is an open-source remote-control and display technology that features a simple UI just like Join.me and TeamViewer. The tool doesn’t require user knowledge of IP addresses and other complex things, but allows you to manage and control multiple PCs regularly. Install it on both the PCs and share the PC’s IP address, serving as a remote desktop client, to start troubleshooting. Some devices may also ask you to open port 5900 on your firewall and router to ensure seamless controlling and monitoring. Many of the VNC implementations will install both the remote server and remote desktop viewer software by default to allow users enjoy simplified remote tech assistance.

5. WebEx Free

WebEx is popular as a tool for multiuser boardroom meetings, but you can also use it for small-scale remote control and support sessions. WebEx requires installing software at both ends, and each PC user has to join the meeting to build up a remote server. Initially, everyone connected over the network can only view the originator’s desktop, but the originator can pass control over the mouse and keyboard to others. The other users can also view, control and manage the other desktops and deliver trouble-free remote assistance sessions, when the originator passes on the control to other group members.


Since remote PC support industry is at its peak, ensuring faster troubleshooting, managing online activities and securing remote platforms is becoming a greater challenge. The popularity of remote control tools and remote meeting services is increasing day-by-day, so the Web is becoming cluttered with the spoof sites that your personal information for fraudulent purposes. Some malicious software downloading websites may appear real, but offer lucrative deals and discounts to attract innocent users for committing online computer support scams. Therefore, always ensure that your exercise safe browsing and download only from trouble and reliable website!

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