Avocado Calories and It's Beneficial Effects

It is well known that fruits contain essential nutrients which make your body healthier and stronger. However, some fruits are rich in calories and avocado calories is among of those. Let’s find out why this green fruit with a shape of a pear adds so many calories to our daily ration.

Avocado originated from Mexico and Ventral American countries. It has another name ‘alligator pear’ because of its green color and a pear-like shape. Over the last decades it migrated to other countries across the globe and now it can be found in Europe as well as Middle East and Asia. Why this fruit is so popular you may ask? The answer would be: because of it is so nutritious.

One standard-sized avocado calories has 350 calories, which equals to the half of breakfast calorie intake of an average person. None of other fruits provides so much energy. It is almost twenty times worth of energy than one peach or apple can give your body.

Avocado helps maintain healthy weight

No matter if you want to gain normal body weight or get rid of excess fats, avocado can be of use. It can be explained with the substantial amount of good fats each fruit contains. These fats help to normalize the fat burning rate or in other words metabolic rate. What is metabolic rate? It is a measure of how effectively food is turned into vital energy. If you have high metabolic rate you will never gain excess weight, on the other hand if your metabolic rate is too low, than you are destined never gain excess fats. Only when metabolic rate is maintained within certain boundaries, your weight will be perfect, which happens not so frequently nowadays.

Stay young with avocado

An anti-aging factor is another good side of avocado. This little fruit contributes a lot to keep your body young and healthy. People who it avocado regularly have soft skin and nor wrinkles. This is achieved due to healthy oils and other nutrients in avocado. Antioxidants that present in the fruit remove due to healthy oils and other nutrients in avocado. Antioxidants that present in the fruit remove toxins and free radicals from your body. And we all know that toxins cause early aging.

In fact, avocados are great for your diet program. They are very nutritious and healthy food and supply human body with a great amount of energy. They are very nourishing and can help you reduce food cravings. Due to the high concentration of healthy fats (high density lipoproteins) this high-calorie fruit won’t put on body weight and will help you keep your body slim and strong.