Avoid Muscle Strain Before Going to Bed

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Have you ever experienced while sleeping peacefully at night; all of a sudden you feel pain? You might not know it but even without vigorous movement still causes pain to the muscle. This happens when the nerve is compressed or contracted due to pro-long uncomfortable position. Changing positions can also lead to muscle cramps at night when the tendon stretches causing the muscles to contract even more.

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The causes of the muscle strain or muscle cramps at night are not what need to be attended to. It can be very annoying when a sound sleep is bothered by muscle strains. Furthermore, the disturbance it brings is something no one wishes to experience. Here are few ways to avoid it:

  • Do a little stretching before hitting the bed. Stretch muscles that are often cramped such as the calves and the leg area. Rotate ankles, knees, shoulders and neck. Add slight bending on left and right to muscles are relaxed and ready to rest.
  • Have sufficient calcium. Muscle strains and cramps at night are often associated with lack of calcium. Take calcium supplements as approved by your physician or eat high-content calcium foods such as all dairy products.
  • Sleep lightly. Give more room when sleeping. Allow your entire body to breathe. Free yourself from heavy blankets, hard pillows because this adds weight to your body while sleeping.
  • When muscle starts to pain while sleeping, the best remedy you can do it go gently massage it in long strokes until you feel much better.

Muscle strain and cramps is common occurrence especially as we age. However, there are several easy preventions to take without taking in a single pill. Elmore Oil is natural tropical oil that gives fast pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, which makes it one of the very best options to treat mucle strains and cramps. It has a unique blend of essentials oil which acts as a circulatory stimulus, contains anti-inflammatory properties that works for joints and to restore movements and mobility. Muscle pain relief the natural way is still the best remedy. As health experts always say, a healthy lifestyle is key to a better living.

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Avoid Muscle Strain Before Going to Bed, Seekyt
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