How to avoid online bride scams

How to avoid online bride scams

Notwithstanding the fact that marriage rates have declined in the past 5 years a lot of men and women are still looking for their soulmates. It appears to be that nowadays the easiest and fastest way to find a girlfriend or a boyfriend is dating websites.

However, before getting engrossed into your new happy relationships, one should take precautions how to avoid finding bride scam. Below several tips and clues are enumerated.

First of all, give a look at the avatar the person is using on the profile. Does he or she use a picture of a celebrity instead of his/her own one? Or the photo is too ideal? Has your new pen-friend forwarded you a pic or is there only the one on the social media? For instance, the person with whom you are chatting is about 40 years old, but the image on the website demonstrates a person 15 years younger. It should be a “big red flag” for you cauz a lot of scammers are alluring their victims by making themselves seem as gorgeous as possible.

Secondly, consider the messages your new lover is texting to you. Are they responding the questions you are asking or are they too vague or generic and could be forwarded to anyone with just slight changes? Experienced romance swindlers will use one and the same message for every their victim they are trying to get. So if you believe that the responses from your new suitor are too generic and out of the point it is time for you to back away.

Thirdly, do not reveal your personal data. Of, course there is a great temptation to share all your private information with a person you believe you have budding relationship, but please keep a cool head. You should take into consideration that the more private information you have revealed the more power you give a swindler to manipulate you. That is definitely every romance cheater is counting on.

The fourth piece of advice that ought to be given is that before registering to a dating website it is better to conduct a small investigation and read the feedbacks about it. Moreover, you can speak to your friend who is also looking for a couple online and ask for his opinion. Do not believe that searching for a trustworthy dating portal will encroach upon your time that could have been given to finding a couple. It is better to spend few hours on searching for a reputable site than walk into a trap set by scammers. Among hundreds of most acclaimed dating sites can be mentioned.

The next precaution that should be taken in order to skip finding bride scam is online scrutiny of the person. For instance, if you are having conversation with Elton John or Mariah Carey, an online search will show you a lot of social media profiles with the same names. In such a case, you have to dig deeper using specific information the person has told you about his education, country, place of birth or place of study/work. Here, it cannot help being mentioned that it is very easily to determine the country a message was sent from by tracking the IP address.

Furthermore, if you are really ready to tie the knot, bear in mind that it is easier to be deceived when the person you are in love with lives in another country or even continent. People living in the same country or city are more likely to be interested in building serious relationships than those living far away from you. In addition, it will be more convenient for both of you to go out with the person who lives in the same city or at least the same country. Moreover, you should not forget that people from other countries or even part of the world have different mindset, traditions, custom and it may cause some misunderstanding and gaps in conversation.

To sum up, no matter whether you still prefer to look for your soulmate through online dating websites or you have changed your mind after reading the article, you should always remember that it may happen that the person with whom you think you have much in common, may turn out to be completely different when you meet each other in real life.