Awaiting a Hurricane

Awaiting a Hurricane or Tropical Storm can be very Scary!

When you live in hurricane country, most of the time the weather is nice, heck folks move down to these parts all the time to get away from the colder weather areas. Just about anyone you talk to down here do worry about what the next or pending hurricane may do to their area as well as their homes, families and businesses. Awaiting a hurricane is serious business that does intensify the nervousness in just about anyone in hurricane country.

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I’m sure in others who live in areas with particular weather patterns may feel the same while enduring an earthquake, sink holes, tornados and many more as such. While awaiting the next natural disaster, is frightening and can cause various concerns for those who are trying to prepare their family and homes for a hurricane.

As hard as you may try to keep yourself occupied with other things, especially things dealing with hurricane preparedness. It is especially important to prepare for a hurricane as best you are able to do. There are various things you can do for hurricane preparedness.

– Get your water storage ready; you can do this by using clean plastic soda, juice and milk bottles as well as water coolers. You can search online to learn how to prepare your water safely or even how to make clean water if you need to do so. Remember, you will need enough water per person as well as water for washing hands and flushing toilets. Running the tub full of water is a good idea for keeping the toilets flushed. Some people will fill their boats with enough water to keep them from blowing away and then use that water for flushing toilets or washing clothes by hand.

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– Plan and obtain your food supply. While doing this, you really need to take into consideration those foods that your family will eat and those things that are open and serve when possible.

– Gather any clothing that you and your family will need to keep warm is the weather should turn cooler and warm weather clothing during the warmer months. Having a book bag or duffle bag for each individual does come in handy.

– Gather any medications required by you or your family as well as any others who maybe using your home as a safe haven from the storm.

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– You will need to consider all the little things that you or someone may need, such as personal items, baby items and feminine products as well as toilet paper, paper plates, plastic utensils, garbage bags and so much more. Take the time to consider these smaller things we so often take for granted, you may find yourself in need of many such items while awaiting a hurricane.

– Camping gear is always a plus when you are awaiting a hurricane, if you are lucky you will not have to use it, if you aren’t so lucky, you’ll be thankful for having what you need. Remember to stock up on fuel for any lanterns or cooking stoves as well as batteries, candles and a couple of good lighter or “strike anywhere” matches.

– Pillows, blankets and pallets may come in handy when you want to gather everyone together in one room for sleeping or if you find yourself sleeping in a camping tent.

– Make sure you fill up the gas tank of your vehicle, just in case you have to evacuate the area where a hurricane is predicted to arrive. You know your home and area, choose wisely when considering whether or not to stay in your home or if you should evacuate. Personally, if I thought that things were going to get bad as was hurricane Katrina, I think that making the decision to evacuate before the community call goes out or before mandatory evacuations, then you really should get things ready and get the heck out of Dodge before the overwhelming crowds.

– You also need to consider putting away anything that may be caught in the winds and flooding that can cause more problems. Remember to put away such things as patio furniture, building supplies, toys and other items that may be projected towards you or your home.

– Get the kids something to do to keep them occupied so they are not so fretful of the storm or from boredom. This may include obtaining anything from color books and color crayons, paper dolls, toy cars to batteries for their DS. iPods or GameBoy. Just find something that interests the individual child and this will help you and your children by keeping them busy.

Sometimes it is hard to keep from worrying, while awaiting a hurricane; however, do your best to prepare you, your family and your property. Get your hurricane preparedness kits or hurricane survival kits ready to go and then try to relax if possible, while standing sentinel for your home and family.