Awesome Black Cherry Tomato Plants

Black cherry tomato plants are a unique and fun way to enjoy delicious cherry tomatoes on your salad, as a side dish, or just as a healthy snack. Cherry tomatoes are always a popular choice, but the unique flavor that is found in black cherry tomatoes makes them a fine addition to the garden.

Black tomatoes are typically originated in Russia and most have a somewhat spicy and rich flavor. Unlike the most common red cherry tomatoes, their black cousins can pack a nice little kick in the taste buds. They often appear purple or partially purple with some green, but they are officially considered to be black. Here are some super varieties to try in your garden.

Black Cherry offers a complex flavor in a classic cherry tomato measuring one inch, perfect for eating one at a time. The indeterminate plants grow big and produce heavily, so give them room. If you are looking for a standard cherry shape with purple and black color, this is your choice.

Black Prince tomatoes are slightly bigger, at about 2 inches, and have a reddish outer color. Though the outer color is not as dark as many black tomatoes, the inside is a surprising mix of green and purple that will let you know it is not an ordinary tomato. Black Prince is considered by many to be among the best tasting cherry tomatoes.

Black Zebra are not really a cherry variety but are still small and a quick slice or two will have them ready for your lunch. These beauties have distinctive purple and green stripes along the fruit that make them a thing of beauty. A favorite for both appearance and taste, you really can’t go wrong with Black Zebra.

When a small tomato is just not going to do it, step up toe Black Sea Man, my personal favorite Russian tomato. Unlike many others, this is a determinate plant that will not get too big but it will be simply loaded with tasty fruit throughout summer. The fruit is big and the taste is so good that you may frown at the thought of store bought tomatoes from now on.

Have fun with your tomato garden! Black Russian tomatoes are a great way to diversify your supply and add some complex and even smoky flavors to your plate. They are a joy to grow and superb to eat.

Whether you opt for larger varieties or some of these great black cherry tomato plants, your taste buds are about to awaken.