Awesome Christmas 2013 in Jaipur by Jatin

Do you know that in India we celebrate Christmas just to a part of a global festival? Hi all. I am Jatin Chhabra founder of Shopping Advisor and today I want to share my trip to Jaipur where I celebrated my Christmas at Ram Bagh, the best resort in the city. I am from New Delhi and from 24th Dec to 1st Jan Delhi is packed up. So me and my gang decided that this time we will travel to Jaipur (The Pink City) to celebrate our Christmas and even New year. Though we returned back to Delhi before 1st… So only Christmas in Jaipur. Though I was 100% sure that we will stay in Kausani hotels but things changed.

24th Dec 2013 – Arrival at Jaipur Railway Station

We guys booked train instead of flight as Jaipur is just 275 Kms from Delhi and it takes like 5 hours from train to reach Jaipur from Delhi. (Best train from Delhi to Jaipur – The Garib Rath). Now when you arrive on Jaipur Railway station don’t take a cab or auto rickshaw who is offering a hotel at a cheaper price or the best shopping experience. That’s completely sham. My friend runs Rental Cabs in Jaipur and made me aware from these things. So we grabbed my prior book cab and straight went for a nice budget hotel, Hotel Malak Mahal. Hey only booked the 7 star for 1 night. 🙂

The City Sightseeing

So we only had 6 hours from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM to completely see the city which is simply impossible and thus my local pal took us to just 3 of the most awesome tourist destinations in Jaipur. 1st we went to Amer fort. Now it was my first meet with Amer fort but the castle seemed to be very familiar to us. Why? We all are big fan of Bollywood movies (Indian Cinema) and more than 2 dozens of Hindi movies have been filmed here. I watched a movie named ‘Veer’ in 2012 and like 30% of that film was filmed in Amer Castle.

Amer is a 400+ year old castle which was built to protect the inner palaces of Jaipur. The structure of the fort is huge and the best thing was a 3 Kms underground tunnel which took us to Jaigarh fort. (Not advisable for all to take this 3 Kms walk). Apart from the tunnel the ‘Sheesh Mahal’ (Palace of Glass) is something which will make you simply standstill. There is an open room on the 2nd floor of the castle and its made up of mirror & gems. Check out this picture of Sheesh Mahal.

After spending 2 hours in Amer fort we moved towards Jal Mahal. Now Jal Mahal means a palace in the water and it is. Jal mahal is inside the lake name Man Sagar lake and it’s quite nice. We immediately grabbed a boat and went inside the Jal Mahal. [Most travelers don’t know that entry inside the palace is allowed- bad administration :(]. But the palace is nowhere close as to its beauty from the inside. Check out this video which I found on the net of Jal Mahal and then you decide that it’s worthy to be seen or not.

.youtube. com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2ec36HtllVo

And in the last we went to Chokhi Dhani. Now this is a new rural tourism concept which has become really popular in the city. A small village just outside the city (near the airport) has set up some nice infrastructure and prepare like dozen small stages and every stage is hosting cool stuff like local dance, magic show and my favourite the fire thrower. Here a man puts some chemical in his mouth and just throw it towards a flame. Simply dragon style.

Happy Christmas 2013

Happy Christmas. We enjoyed Jaipur a lot. Though we had only 10 hours to explore the city and the Cabby pal did a lot to make sure that we don’t get boredom, which we didn’t and then he dropped us at the Ram Bagh where we enjoyed our Christmas Party and the night stay. Do check his site if you want any cabs in Jaipur – Rajputana Cabs Jaipur The party was awesome. Won’t to go into that but I am sure that if you haven’t seen Jaipur than you haven’t seen India. Good luck for your travel…