Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

For those parents expecting a little princess soon, there are many great baby girl nursery ideas to choose from. Consider some of the more popular as well as some unconventional ideas to get your creative juices flowing when decorating your nursery.

Princess Nursery: The princess nursery is one of many baby girl nursery ideas that has been growing in popularity. This girl nursery theme is largely dominated by the Disney line of princesses. Luckily for nursery designers, those princesses now come in a variety of colors. Parents no longer need to be married to the color pink when decorating a princess nursery. Remember to pepper in greens, yellows, and blues to avoid a ‘too pink’ nursery.

Hello Kitty: Like princesses, Hello Kitty has become one of the most popular baby girl nursery ideas in recent years. This is not an easy girl nursery theme to decorate for since most decorations and toys are largely pink. When decorating your nursery with a Hello Kitty theme, you will need to remember that you base wall colors and other accents need to be more general colors since the decorations you buy will almost always be pink. One fun thing about the Hello Kitty nursery theme is that you can use the toys to decorate if they are presented tastefully on shelving in the nursery.

The Jungle Nursery Theme: The jungle theme works for a girls nursery as well as a gender-neutral theme. To help it match more trendy baby girl nursery ideas, use lighter colors (but not pastels) and more feminine animals when decorating. For instance, many cartoonish animal nursery decorations often have long eyelashes or feminine appearances. Target those when decorating a jungle nursery theme for a girls nursery.

The Tasteful Retro Nursery: The tasteful retro nursery is not easy to explain but it can encompass a number of different specific styles. The keyword here is ‘tasteful’. Make sure all prints and pictures are framed, usually in white. Check Etsy for simple animal prints to hang above the crib. Another decorating idea that fits right in with these baby girl nursery ideas is to simply frame a pattern. It doesn’t have to be a picture of anything, it can simply be a colored pattern that helps tie the other colors in the room together. The most fun thing about this theme is that items are sometimes found at garage sales and second-hand stores.

Hopefully you were able to use this list to get you started finding just the right baby girl nursery ideas. Have fun decorating your nursery.