Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas

If you are just getting the ball rolling on decorating the baby’s room, check out some of these basic baby nursery decorating ideas. Try to identify a nursery theme before buying decorations for the nursery so you are working with a more cohesive baby room.

Wallpaper Stripes: Wallpaper tends to go in and out of fashion with regularity. One of the great baby nursery decorating ideas is to accent your nursery with wallpaper stripes. Some parents choose to add the stripes near the ceiling, others find an area in the middle of the wall. If you aren’t interested in painting the entire nursery you should consider adding some simple but tasteful flair to the wall by using wallpaper stripes.

Rugs: Many interior decorators recommend buying a rug you love and decorating the room around it. One of the more popular baby nursery decorating ideas follows this trend. Major retailers and handmade sites offer an abundance of choices for nursery rugs for boys and girls. The most important thing to remember when buying an area rug for the baby’s room is measurement. Be sure that the rug will fit in the room with the furniture before buying. I highly recommend this method of decorating your nursery so take a little bit of time to search for a nursery rug for boys or girls.

Wall Decals: If you have been decorating your nursery and ended up with a blank wall I recommend using wall stickers. Etsy has many sellers that offer unique and classy wall stickers that will help to round out any nursery theme. This is one of the more popular baby nursery decorating ideas since the wall stickers come in such a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. You are certain to find something that will make decorating your nursery easier by searching for the right wall stickers.

Dark Wall Colors: When decorating your nursery, it is easy to get caught up in bright colors and pastels. Consider darker wall colors for your baby nursery. Parents have been considering this baby nursery decorating idea more and more because it allows other (lighter colored) nursery decorations to stand out more. If you choose this nursery decorating option, be sure that there is enough natural light available to the bedroom. An accessible window will make darker walls much less imposing.

Hopefully you were able to use these simple and tasteful baby nursery decorating ideas to help get started decorating your nursery.