Backyard Movie Screens Are a Great Way to Entertain

If you have decided to make your yard more of an oasis for you and your family this year then including a backyard movie screen is a great way to go.

It will feel like you are watching the big screen at the drive-in without leaving the comforts of your own home. You can create your own snacks and drinks and even camp out with chairs and sleeping bags and cuddle up to watch your favourite movie tonight.

With a good backyard movie projector you can get good quality and enjoy your summer evenings outdoors. You can make your own screen simply by framing a bed sheet or even shine the projector on the side of the garden shed or fence, but using a portable style movie screen is easier and a small investment for a good quality picture.

120 inch backyard movie screen

You could then take this setup to a neighbours or family or friends for some fun in the yard for the entire family. You can set it up so that you are sitting comfortably on your patio or maybe even hanging out in the hottub while watching your movies outdoors, talk about relaxing!

Portable 120 inch Backyard Movie Screen

This is a 120 inches of viewing area which is perfect for the typical backyard, but you can also move this inside if the weather starts to act up which you can’t do with the garden shed or fence.

This also comes with guy lines to hold it in place if the wind gets up, and it can come apart and is stored in a bag which you can’t do with the side of the garden shed or fence or that big framed bed sheet!

Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screens

If you want something even bigger than this, and something that will pack away smaller then another option is the inflatable movie screen. These inflate quickly and are perfect for that larger yard or if you want to entertain the neighbourhood with your movies. Don’t be surprised to see your neighbours hanging around the fence!

inflatable outdoor movie screen – 16 feet!

This one inflates in seconds and is 16 feet of viewing! This will definitely feel like the big screen outdoors at the drive-in. It packs away into a bag when you are done making it easier for storage, and is easy to setup. It has support for the wind so that it doesn’t end up down the street in the middle of the best part of the movie, and it is such a fun event to invite family, friends and neighbours too.

Get your friends to bring their favourite movies, and with a good backyard movie projector you can get the quality of the big screen while hanging outside in your own yard. You can also get kits if you don’t have a projector so check out the backyard movie projector kit for other ideas to entertain outdoors this year and enjoy your yard to it’s fullest.