Bag Filters

Bag Filter – Many Uses
The most common bag filters in use are those used in vacuum cleaners. Originally, these bags were a relatively simply part of this piece of household equipment. A bag manufactured from non-porous, opaque paper fit onto a small metal frame that attached to the inlet of the vacuum motor. Dust and debris was pulled into the bag and would make disposable convenient. Today, vacuum cleaners may include reusable bag filters made from a variety of materials from HEPA coated paper to special, thin sheets of sponge like matting.

Industrial Bag Filters
In many industries where dust build-up results from manufacturing or production processes, compliance regulations require the use of bag filters. For example, many cosmetic manufacturers who produce powdery cosmetics need to contain airborne dust with bag filters. The sizes of these bag filters depend on the size of the facility, as well as the volume of dust to be contained. Bag filters are attached to a metal network that holds each bag filter in place. The network frame is connected to the manufacturing equipment through a duct work system that carries dust from the source to the bag filter. The type of bag filter can resemble an oversized cartridge or cage. The bag filter rests inside the cartridge or cage and fills with particulate when production of powder creates dust. This protects workers and complies with environmental regulations.

Other Types of Bag Filters
There are a number of other types of bag filters in use. A coffee maker usually has a small bag filter to prevent coffee grind sediment from getting into the brewed liquid. Swimming pool filtration systems also require bag filters to prevent sediment in pool water from re-entering clean water. This type of bag filter is installed inside the pool motor housing. Pool water enters the bag filter through the inlet on the swimming pool wall and circulates through the pool filter into the bag filter. It is then carried back into the pool through the pool outlet.

Bag filters are often used in water treatment systems in many municipalities. These bag filters are used similarly to the water bag filters are used in swimming pools. The bag filter is located nearest the inlet and motor housing to reduce dirt and sediment into filtered water streams. This insures highest levels of water quality.