Bags under Eyes: Causes and Measures of Reducing Bags under Eyes

It is a very depressing experience when looking at a person with bags under eyes and dark circles. They give an impression of age or weariness for people who suffer from it whether young or old. When desiring to rejuvenate the skin to its earlier state, it would be important to get rid of bags under eyes.

What Causes Bags under Eyes?

They are commonly caused by fat and fluid which accumulate and settle in the areas around the eyes enhanced by, genetics, aging, fluid retention and allergies. One of the most known factors that cause bags under eyes is sleep deprivation or an irregular sleeping pattern. Bags under eyes develop due to small seepages of blood flowing through the capillaries that are commonly found under the skin surface. If the skin is thin under such areas may lead to blood being seen as black areas which may lead to the formation of bags under eyes.

Barriers in the nasal cavity and sinus inflammations may also lead to the development of this condition. As blood flows through the minute facial capillaries, they can be blocked by inflammations and nasal congestion resulting to blood becoming trapped leading to formation of massive bags. Bags under eyes can also be caused by fluid retention due to fluid build ups when one is sleeping. Raising the head by use of pillows while sleeping can help reduce build ups. Age, fatigue, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances can also be influential factors in the formation and development of eye bags.

Basic measures such as getting abundance of sleep and allergy treatment can help. Other ways that are considered as remedies are:

  • Reducing salt intake
  • Applying compresses to the eyes for a few period of time while in the upright posture
  • Sleeping with the head elevated
  • Eliminate dehydrating drinks from the diets.
  • Drinking lots of water.

Applying a cold constrict adjoining the eye can be a temporal measure since cold temperatures tend to constrict the blood vessels which in turn leads to minimal or completely stoppage of the fluid thus reducing swellings. If the inflammations increase, it might be a sign of a serious condition so seeing a doctor is highly advised.

Dietary sources with low carbohydrates can assist in the prevention of bags under the eyes since it slows down water retention. Vitamin rich foods such as greens and vegetables also help in skin maintenance. Vitamins A, C and E are specifically vital in reducing eye puffiness. Things to avoid are excess salts foods since it enhances fluid built up. Puffiness around the eyes should not worry someone that much. When they are accompanied by itchiness, redness and teary eyes, it could be because of an allergic reaction and it is wise seeing a medical practitioner.

Drugs for bags under eyes

There are many products in the market which reduces the formation of bags under eyes. One such product is the Eye Secret with testimonials proves. They reduce dark bags under eyes and inflammations when combined with other products. Surgery is considered the last resort when dealing with bags under eyes