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Bahamas Fishing – What To Expect

As once in a lifetime experiences go, fishing in the Bahamas ranks right near the top. I’m sure you will have just as much fun on your Bahamas fishing adventure as I did! If you’re considering a Bahamas fishing vacation and want to charter your own boat, there are some things you need to know before going out. First of all, you’ll need a fishing permit – which can be obtained at all points of entry into the Bahamas. Also, you can only use a hook and line, no other kinds of fishing methods are allowed. The number of rods that you can have is limited to six. There are also bag limits as well. You can only have six lobster or crawfish at any given time. Plus, you cannot catch the female crawfish, since they are a protected species.

You are not allowed to fish for Conch, especially not Queen Conch, which is considered a endangered species throughout most of the Caribbean. You are allowed to take wahoo, dolphin fish and kingfish, but you can’t have more than six per boat . You are not allowed to have any turtles on your boat, and you may only have stone crabs depending on the season – the season is closed from June 1st to October 15th. Be sure to check with the hotels or the local fisherman to find out exactly what you can and cannot fish for since fishing regulations can change.


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If you don’t want to venture out on your own, there are plenty of charter boats available. A Sports Fishing Permit is required for the boat you are fishing from but individual permits are not required.

Each charter boat has its own set of rules. Boats have different fees and will go to different locations. One of the best fishing boats you can charter in the Bahamas is through Brown’s Charter. They offer fishing expeditions as well as cruises around the island or snorkeling.

Brown’s offers Deep Sea Fishing, Reef Fishing, Shark Fishing, Off Shore Fishing and Bottom Fishing. They have four boats available and each one is larger than the next, which will explain why they vary in cost. There are other charters in the Bahamas, but Brown’s has an impeccable reputation.

If the main purpose of your Bahamas vacation is as a fishing expedition, it is advisable to call the hotel where you are staying in advance to inquire about what you will need when you get there. They should also be able to tell you and exactly where you will need to get permits for fishing. To get the most out of your Bahamas fishing vacation, be sure to plan ahead and gather all the required information prior to your trip.

Bahamas Vacation Rentals

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