Baking Soda and Vinegar Drain Clog

Get Your Drain Cleared In An All Natural Way – Baking Soda and Vinegar Drain Clog

What if I told you that a baking soda and vinegar drain clog busting solution was likely in your home, right now, that you could utilize to take care of that slow running drain? Now this solution isn’t going to be effective for any of those standing water blockages that has water stopped up in your basin, but it will help those slow moving drains be able to move quicker than they were moving. Chances are you’ve got some form of vinegar and baking soda in your house as well – you can use any type of vinegar, and you just need a box of baking soda. In a pinch, you can even utilize baking soda cleansers or liquid detergents, but if you feel like you are forced to take this route, be sure you are not mixing any bleach and ammonia together. That creates deadly fumes, and then suddenly your clogged drain won’t be such a bad problem any more.

It Works Thanks To the Acids In the Vinegar

The reason why this works for you is because of the acidity of the vinegar. Vinegar itself is a very effective cleaner because it is toward the acid side of the pH scale. You can put vinegar on mold, mildew, and hard to clean stains on your countertop and you’ll be able to get that stuff cleaned right out without any abrasive cleaners or disinfectants. Vinegar is even strong enough to strip the wax off of a tile floor if left on the floor for a long enough period of time. That means it is perfect for your slow moving drain, because chances are you’ve got PVC piping down below your sink basin. The vinegar won’t eat through the PVC, and will simply work toward dissolving the clog naturally. On it’s own, vinegar can take some time to work effectively.

That’s Why You Need Baking Soda Too

Have you ever seen someone throw a couple Mentos into a 2 liter of Diet Coke? The principle of baking soda and vinegar going down the drain toward the clog is the same principle. The baking soda carbonizes when it hits the vinegar, thereby releasing gas pressure that can be utilized to dislodge a clog while the acid in the vinegar works to eat it away. This sets up the perfect combination of drain clog busting goodness because it’s cheap, it’s easy to use, and there aren’t any tricky measurements, danger to your children or pets, or harm to your sink. With a 1:1 ratio, which means you use the same amount of both products, you have an easy way to clean your sink.

Don’t let a clogged sink ruin your day! With these two easy household ingredients, you can find that your clogged drain will be history in no time at all. Utilize the baking soda and vinegar drain clog busting combination today to your benefit and discover for yourself just how easy it can be.