Baldness & good Hair Care

Baldness that is called ‘Alopecia’, can be a major worry of adult males, though it may be extensive enough to cause embarrassment in females as well. Most commonly, this is due to excessive sensitivity of the follicle to androzen hormones, but usually it is hereditary and irreversible. Baldness is characterized by a recession of the hairline from the front of the head progressing back to the crown. It can start in the late teens in men, or at only time therefore, or in middle-age in women.

Good Hair Care:

First, learn to live with your hair type. If your hair is ‘curly’ , have it cut so the curl becomes part of the style so that you’re not torturing it into a shape it won’t naturally adapt to. The same goes for straight hair.Most hairdressers recognize this, and encourage clients to have that will need nothing more than washing and letting the hair dry naturally.

Secondly, if you must dye, bleach or perm your hair, remember that you are altering its molecular structure, and this will mean that you will have to take extra care of it.

Wash your hair as often as it. In the case of ‘greasy hair’, this may be every day, or every other day, since ‘greasy hair’ picks up dirt a lot faster than dry hair. But don’t be afraid to wash dry hair regularly either.If you leave it for more than a week, hair will only become drier, because the scalp becomes clogged with dead cells that prevent any sebum( oil secreted by the sebaceous glands) from reaching the hair. Always rinse your hair well to get out the Shampoo. This is particularly important with the medicated Shampoos which may irritate the scalp if left on.

Therefore, always choose a Medicated-Shampoo, one that washes hair thoroughly yet kindly. Use a good Conditioner also if you think your hair needs it.

Hair Dryers should always be used with care as they can badly damage your hair. To avoid to having to dry your hair from soaking wet, towel dry your hair first and gently combs it, starting at the tips and working back to the roots. Use a wide-toothed comb or a brush with rounded plastic bristles to avoid tearing the hair. Choose a dryer with too heat settings and dry as much of the hair as possible on the lowest heat, leaving it very slightly damp when you switch off the dryer. Always holds the dryer at least 15 cm away and keep the air moving.

Finally, you should massaging your scalp. Do it with your head down, massaging gently with the tips of your fingers all over your scalp.Do this at least once a day.Scalp massage will encourage the flow of blood to the capillary vessels that feed the hair roots, making hair stronger and healthier.