Bali Decorating

Dedicate your home decor style to the look and feel of Bali. This style is great for a modern eclectic look. A Bali style decor is open, airy and elegant. It features art objects made of wood, tall decorative wall screens and beautiful greenery in baskets and modern planters.

Contemporary Touch

Create the decorative appeal of Bali style throughout a contemporary interior. Bright colors, decorative artwork, indoor plants and candles are great accents for Bali-inspired spaces. Dress contemporary rooms with the influence of Bali through large floor baskets, print fabrics and carved wood furnishings. Make Bali a beautiful modern theme that has the charm, elegance and stylish quality of a luxury resort.

Cultural Influences

Express your Bali-inspired decorative theme through rustic ethnicity. Dress a room with durable, wood furniture pieces. Use antique or vintage furnishings made from fine craftsmanship to carry a Bali scheme.

Eclectic Blend

Deliver great passion for Bali-influence in your home decor. Display primitive art objects, exquisite furnishings and exotic textiles that enrich an eclectic theme. Other decorative add ons such as umbrellas, lamps, wind chimes, patterned sarong curtains and a timber-weaved framed mirror are eclectic reflections of Bali elegance.

Decorating in Bali style is serenity in ambiance, a display of eclectic design and a theme of tropical inspiration. Blue, yellow and orange are bold colors that reflect the lush vibrancy of Bali decorating. Add the natural elements of water, flowers and Eco-friendly materials. These are teak, bamboo, rattan, mahogany and wicker decorative furniture items.

Home Elegance with Balinese Style

Display Bali style in your home decor through imaginative themes and personal design. Base your Bali decor on room settings that feel like a relaxing tropical beach. Use colors that have a warm sun, white sand and refreshing waterways tone. Keep the ambiance light, natural, open and spacious. Scenic wall art murals, carved wood art pieces and wind chimes are great enhancements in a Bali scheme.

These accents and furnishings strengthen, unify and develop a personalized Bali decor that is unforgettable:

• Pebble, stone, ceramic and porcelain home accents
• Vibrant patterns
• Natural woven furniture
• Divider screens
• Tropical plants
• Sheer drapes
• Flooring made of organic materials
• Woven texture rugs
• Neutral color hues such as brown, gold, cream and light grey
• Matte finishes
• Long, low to the ground accent tables
• Settee

Design a beautiful scene in your room interiors that feature Bali elegance. Bali style decorating has an ethnic look, a cozy comfort and natural finishes for a dramatic effect.