Ball Valves Supplier- offering valves for ON/OFF control of flow

Ball valves equipped with a hollow and floating ball is a structure of quarter-turn valve in order to control flow with the help of its components. Ideal for shutoff applications, they provide better performance for a long time and even it close securely after a long time of disuse. Usually, these valves are capable to use in high pressure and high temperature applications of various industries with their ease of operations, reliability and versatility. Valves are manufactured from high grade metal alloy and has chrome plated floating balls with extreme durability. Available in three as well as single piece designs, a ball valve is available as equipments to provide control of flow with spherical closure.

In addition, ball valves supplier offers valves with bubble-tight sealing and with constant wearing potential on seats. Suppliers offer different types of valves in various specifications and designs. Furthermore, valves are applicable for gas processing and transmission and storage industries.

Different types of valves offered by suppliers:

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

This type of ball valve includes additional mechanical anchoring at both of the ends including top and the bottom of the ball. It provided prevention of excess friction between both seat and ball and ideal for high pressure applications.

Floating Ball Valve

This kind of valve allows the ball to float in the direction to downward slightly due to which the ball presses to seat in order to create a positive seal.

Full-Port Ball Valve

Also recognized as full bore, this type of valve has a bore with internal diameter equals to the ID of pipelines. These valves are provided for reduction of pressure loss and friction and are applicable for pigging situations.

Other type Valve

Other kinds of valves include reduced-port ball valve, v-port ball valve, rising stem ball valve, threaded valves, flanged valves etc. All of these have different construction for a variety of purposes in order to control the fluid flow in an effective and reliable manner. They are highly appealing for their robust structure and steel overlays and premium quality sealing.

Functionality of a Ball Valve

• Valves are ideal to provide overflow protection.

• They provide ON or OFF control for flow in various industries.
• Ideal to give closure at over-speed flow, which includes they provide instant closure while if there is any breakage in downstream pipeline.

• They have control on flow regulation of flow and pressure rates.

Advantages using Ball valves

Suppliers offers a ball valve with a number of quality features including-

• They provide you products with low or no maintenance cost.
• Require no lubrication, suppliers offer valves with compact design and low torque
• Valves are featured with tight sealing, rigidity and available in different specifications