Bamboo Privacy Screen for Fence – Perfect for Around the Pool or to Hide a Bad Wall

If you have a backyard pool, then chances are you have a 6 foot fence around the area. If it just happens to be a 6 foot tall chain link fence in a neighbourhood then you are not going to get much privacy are you?

You could opt for a wooden fence, but that can cost a lot of money and is not always practical. So, why not simply put something in front of the fence to not only stop putting yourself on display but to add a tropical theme to your yard?

I came across this bamboo screen idea when I found it available in rolls. These rolls are very useful for partitioning off an area that maybe you don’t want on display or even as roof material over a pergola but one way that they look their best is attached to a fence.

Bamboo Screen – Hide Ugly Walls Too

You can simply attach them to a chain link fence and instantly change the look of your pool area. You can use it as a back drop for large potted plants, and it instantly gives the pool or yard a warmer tropical theme.

Bamboo Privacy Screen

But another great use is for hiding not only ugly fences but also brick walls or ugly concrete walls. If you rent your space and you can’t do renovations, then simply hiding bad looking walls with this affordable bamboo screening is a great way to get your instant oasis.

Easy to Attach To Create Your Instant Privacy Screen

If your fence is 6 feet high around your pool area, then get a roll of bamboo screen that is 6 foot high, then simply attached with zip ties every few feet to keep it in place. These rolls are basically bamboo reeds tied together to form a fence. They are a great way to get a natural looking fence and when greenery is added in front of them they look stunning and these rolls are affordable. You can get them online for a good price. I prefer the natural colour, but you can get them stained.

Do You Have an Ugly Fence?

If you have an ugly fence around your yard and your budget doesn’t allow for it to be replaced, but it is still standing, then attaching a roll of this bamboo screening to the ugly fence will instantly beautify your yard. Just make sure the fence is standing upright! So, with a little work to make sure the posts are ok, you can then attach the bamboo to the posts and you instantly create a beautiful yard, or even create privacy for yourself in your own little oasis. This way you no longer have to stare at that fence that has seen better days!

Old Chain Link FenceThere are many really cool products on the market now so that you can create your own private oasis in the yard without major construction, renovation or huge dollars flying out of your wallet. So, if you bank account says no to major fix ups then look at some really cool alternatives.

You don’t have to put up with substandard simply because you can’t replace it, or maybe you rent the space. Check out portable outdoor flooring that you can put over top of a old patio or balcony. These are click together outdoor wood tiles, or learn how to clean patio pavers so you can bring them back to life quickly instead of replacing them. You can also create your own little oasis by separating yourself off from the yard with portable free standing privacy screens that create an instant wall and are cute.

There are so many ways to beautify your space without a huge investment. Why wait until you can afford to reconstruct? Why not hide that ugly fence with a natural bamboo one it makes the perfect privacy screen for your fence and looks great.