Baptism for Your Angel

For parents of a new born child, baptism of their angel is one of the most emotional moments of their life. It is the ritual for a child’s admission and adoption of Christian faith. By baptizing their child, they make their child’s admission into the Christian church. It can be called as an ordinance and sacrament of Jesus Christ. Many refer to it ‘christening’, when an infant is baptized on his entry into the holy church.

There are many methods for a person to be baptized. The earliest method was by immersing a person completely under water in ancient times. But according to the 3rd century archaeological evidence, to baptize a person he/she stands kneeling down while water is being poured over his/her head flowing down the upper body. Today, affusion is the commonly used method by Christian to baptize their child when water is poured thrice on the forehead of the infant.

If you planning to organize your child’s baptism ceremony, a meticulous planning will ensure that there are no glitches in the ceremony at the last minute. The first step is booking a baptism’s venue in Melbourne as you may not be able to find a suitable venue closer to the set date. Call up your family and friends and ask about them about their availability for the desired date for the ceremony. Make this phone call before sending invites as it will help you to know if it is suitable date for everyone. Ensure that your formal invitation cards are sent out to all the guests around a month in advance so that they can also plan their schedule in accordance with the ceremony.

Choose your child’s grandparents, as it will be one of the important announcements in the ceremony. A child can have two godfathers and a godmother and vice-versa. But many couples choose one godfather and godmother as their child’s godparents. In a traditional Baptism/Christening ceremony, the child wears a white gown during the event. The gown is usually cream or white in cream and is worm by both boys and girls. Many times the family/godmother presents the gown that is worn by the infant at the baptism ceremony.

Once the baptism ceremony is over, it is time to celebrate and rejoice. The host throws a party for the guests with delightful treats choosing a restaurant as the baptism venue in Melbourne that serves food and cocktails to entice its guests. So, rejoice in the glory of Jesus Christ when your child got baptized and became his disciple.

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