BarlRol Review

What Is BarlRol?
Are you writing and publishing articles on Seekyt, TopicSpotter, Wizzley or InfoBarrel? If your reply is a yes, then BarlRol is something that you might be interested in using. You see, BarlRol is an article bookmarking site that exclusively caters to content published in Seekyt, TopicSpotter, Wizzley and InfoBarrel. This means that you can’t bookmark articles from other sites like Squidoo, Zujava or from your own sites. BarlRol is a great place to build links that point back to your articles published in the allowed sites. BarlRol has a fairly good page rank so a link from it helps a lot in boosting the rankings of your articles in the search results. The site is also free to use so you have nothing to lose in trying it out.

How To Bookmark An Article On BarlRol
Bookmarking an article on BarlRol is very easy. Just click on the “Submit” button, enter the URL of the page you are submitting, write a short description, choose the appropriate category for your submission, write a few tags, then click on the “Save” button. That’s all there is to it. There’s no limit as to how many articles you can bookmark in a day. That said, it’s highly recommended that every time you publish a new article on Seekyt, Wizzley, TopicSpotter or InfoBarrel, make it a point to bookmark it on BarlRol. Bookmarking a page can take just a few minutes. This simple process won’t only boost your article’s rankings, it can drive additional direct traffic as well. Bookmarks on BarlRol rank really good in the search results. Sometimes, they even outrank the original pages. This speaks a lot about the value of BarlRol.

How To Make Money On BarlRol
Yes, you can earn extra online income from your BarlRol bookmarks. Displayed alongside your bookmarks in the site are Google Adsense ads. The revenue from these ads will be shared with you. The revenue split is 70-30 in your favor. You can also earn from the bookmarks of the people you referred to the site. For example, if someone signs up with BarlRol through your referral link, you will be getting a cut from the earnings of your referral. So in essence, there are two ways on how you can earn money from BarlRol – share of revenue from your bookmarks and share of revenue from the bookmarks of your referrals. Before you can start earning from your BarlRol bookmarks, you need to connect your BarlRol account with your Google Adsense account. Don’t worry, doing this is very simple. Just copy your Adsense publisher’s ID then paste it on your account on BarlRol.

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Conclusion Of This BarlRol Review
BarlRol offers you the opportunity to build high-quality links back to your Seekyt, InfoBarrel, Wizzley and TopicSpotter articles while earning a few extra Adsense dollars on the side. It’s a great offer, if you ask me. Start bookmarking your articles from InfoBarrel, Seekyt, Wizzley and TopicSpotter by joining BarlRol here.