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Basic and Important Tips before entering University

Universities, colleges and schools are completely different in terms of studying of course and the environment. Each time when we venture to a new place alone, we tend to feel nervous and scare due to the fact that we do not know anyone or anything there. A first time would always be a difficult time for people to experience new things. Especially in universities, there’s a lot of newcomers every year or every new semesters that we get to see and experience. If you’re one of those newcomers to a new university, there are a few tips and things you need to know before stepping into there.


First year are always hard for most of the students because we need to start all over and make new friends again like what we did in primary or secondary school. It is like our whole life has been “reset” to default and we need to “readjust” back to our normal mode. Furthermore, the first year is also one of the most important years that could either lead you to easier life in university or a harder one along the way. When you start with either Foundation or Degree, here are some tips for you newcomers:

  1. life-862967_1280ALWAYS, ALWAYS check the friends that you’re going to befriend with. Friends is very important especially in university. Lack of friends could one day fail you in a subject or give you a very hard time especially in group projects. For the first semester in your first year in foundation or degree, you could befriend with anyone. Through this, you get to know their expertise or majors and minors in all the subjects. This could give you an advantage to know which friends is beneficial and which is not.
  2. shy-863056_1280DO NOT do anything that could ruin your image and status. The first impressions for newcomers is always important, even in jobs. This is because the first impression always gives you an idea on how you behave and what type of personality you have. If by chance, you did something wrong or something that could bring bad impression on you, people would either think you’re worthless or a “joker” type to the whole class. This could be bad for you in the future if you seek for help and no one would help you. Besides, in group projects, this could also be one of the problems because by the end of the day, you would be stuck with people with the same or worse attitude than you and you would have to“solo” all the projects or you might fail.
  3. underground-885206_1280NEVER EVER PUT YOUR HOPE ON SOMEONE. In most universities, you are trained to be independent and there won’t be any “spoonfeeding” times like in primary or secondary school. If there’s a subject or questions you do not know. It is best to ask your lecturers or tutors rather than your friends because you might never know if him/her working would be correct or not. Also, if there is exam tips from your friends, do not expect them to give it to you fully in details. You could just use those “tips” as guidance for your studies. In university, students tend to be more competitive compare to your high school and they would rather lose their friendship than to lose their studies. It is understandable alright, I mean if you would to fail, you would have to repeat it. It is best to never put your hope on someone especially in helping u in your studies or giving you tips.
  4. love-888343_1280DO NOT FIND A PARTNER. I admit that university is the place where most pretty and beautiful girls that you could find but it is best not to find any partner there because it will distract you from your studies. What’s more, failing a unit in university is a lot worse than to fail in school. You would be required to pay more for the fees because of the subjects that you fail and force to repeat it. Think about the money that your parents spend on you just so that could send you to a better university to study and graduate and not just waste it on someone. Your partner would definitely come but it is just isn’t the best time if you’re not capable.
  5. dog-715545_1280BE A TEACHER’S PET. That’s right! A teacher’s pet is always the best compare to normal people. Why? This is because you get extra knowledge from the teacher than a normal teaching class. Besides, you could also maximize the passing rate of that subject when you’re a teacher’s pet! For all you know, they would mark more lenient for your paper compare to the rest of the students. Moreover, you could get a new friend and possible, a new teacher for life! Despite all the teasing from your friends for being a “teacher’s pet”, it is best to be with someone more knowledgeable from the “inside”.

There are a lot more tips that you should know besides all the above but it would take forever to read it until finish. The tips given are the most basic and important tips that you must read before going to a new university. On the other hand, you must also trust your instinct more often especially in exams and cast away all doubts that you have. Doubts would only cause you to be more over thinking and more nervous. Trust yourself because you are the only one that knows you better.

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