Basic Guide to Fort Lauderdale’s Airport Shuttles and Limo Service

Fort Lauderdale is considered as one of the top choices for tourists that are looking for the ultimate summer destination because of its attractive white sand beaches and cool summer breeze.

Aside from that, there are various landmarks that people can choose from if they want to spend an unforgettable summer getaway in this wonderful location.

In addition, roaming around the beautiful landscape of this city is not complete without airport shuttles and limousine service. Ever since then, these vehicles have been one of the most popular mode of transportation when talking about elegance, luxury and style.

Although these modes of transportation gained an instant popularity when they began servicing famous, distinguished and well-known people like movie stars and former presidents of the United States, the public also have the privilege to have an access in these vehicles during special occasions and memorable gatherings.

Aside from the juicy details that were mentioned, there a lot of things that normal commuters still don’t know about them.

Read this article further for the basic guide about Fort Lauderdale’s airport shuttle and limousine service

What is the most ideal car seat requirement for children?

According to the Florida State Law, children as early as 5 years old or younger must be protected using a car crash-tested, federally approved child restraint device provided by parent or guardian.

What are the advantages of online reservation?

Booking or reservation of limos and airport shuttles in gives you security and flexibility at the same time. Online reservation also gives you sense of peace because you can sit back and relax at your own place.

Shared ride reservations should be made at least 24 hours in advance, but not more than one week due to flight cancellations and change in schedules.

What are the available packages in an airport shuttle and limousine ride?

According to a reliable source, there are numerous packages or promos that are generally available for those commuters who want to choose packages that suit the distance and how many destinations the limo driver will be taking you too.

In some cases, there are companies that offer 10% discount on airport transportation for students that are studying in accredited universities.

Can I take a pet in a shared ride vehicle?

Based on the frequently asked page of a company of limousine service in Fort Lauderdale, pets are only allowed using a private car service. This is in consideration to other passengers who rented the shared ride services.

In the end, limousines and airport shuttles play a very important role in uplifting tourism and public transportation service. Commuters should realize that without them, they will not experience convenience when exploring some of the famous landmarks in Fort Lauderdale.