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Basics Drafting Tips for Interior Designers

The look and feel of the home heavily depends on the interior design. That said, hiring a trusted interior designer who knows how to balance function and design to suit your personality is very important. While some people prefer to outsource the task to professionals, the others choose to improve the design of their homes by themselves. In this article, we will discuss the basics for interior designers so you will have ideas on considerations in designing your personal space.

1. Look at Both Exterior and Interior

Interior designing is not only a matter of designing what’s inside. What lies behind is seeing the whole picture. It will be great if you can stand still, analyze the theme of the design you want to achieve, and also understand construction. This includes the exterior of your home.

To know the processes and technologies, observe how design elements can work together to build a cohesive whole. For instance, color schemes can be used for the unification of the collection of space. Both the exterior and interior design should work together so the design elements can be identified as consistent throughout the structure.

2. Provide Enough Lighting

Good light fixtures can set the tone for an entire simple space. When visiting homes, lighting is one of the most factors that are looked at and easily noticed. Bright homes tend to give off more positive vibes and nice ambiance overall. Even if your interior design looks appealing, without good lighting, the design will fail to look attractive.

A dark room always looks gloomy, and the outcome is a negative ambiance that will rather deplete the good energy of the interior. Thus, installing light fixes at the right positions and at the right level should be considered. Spread the lights where they will be most appropriate.

Be reminded that every area of the home should reflect ample lighting—whether it be natural sunlight or one powered by electricity. At the end of the day, having large glass windows will be an advantage. Just don’t forget to place curtains or Venetian blinds to cover up and ensure privacy of the living space.

3. Create Focal Points

Any interior designers greatest enemy must be monotony or boredom. Creating a good interior design involves mapping and creating focal points which are accent areas that demand and draw attention. A well-designed living room, for instance, will have displays that can be conversation starters to make guests feel at home.

These focal points should capture interest and hook the eyes in a certain set of style and theme in a common place. A fireplace that has nice contrasting textures against the wall serves as a fitting example. While the sofa and furniture pieces may look dull and boring, the fireplace must be the item that stands out.

4. Achieve Symmetry

It has been said that people always find symmetry in the faces of others and it is symmetry that makes people look good. Similarly, in interior design, having a symmetrical balance whereby positioning objects repeatedly in opposite directions either on a horizontal or vertical axis is good to follow.

If you have framed pictures on side of the wall, it will be most advisable to have framed pictures as well on the other side. Our eyes often look at patterns and symmetrical objects tend to make us feel more comfortable and at ease with the setting. Check out CAD drafting services for more details on this.

5. Create Good Contrasts

Contrast, or placing opposites side by side, is one of the best hallmarks of basic design principles. Creating contrast in color, in shapes, and in patterns will make the interior design more remarkable. Examples are matching circles together with squares and pairing black and white or any contrasting colors in the colors wheel. Placing hard and soft also maintains a good sense of contrast. All these will introduce a nice effect that will make the space more livable.

6. Strive for Simplicity

Thinking about simplicity is about doing away with all the visual clutter. Remember that “less is more,” in most cases. Seeing any room filled with lots of things thrown out in blank spaces or walking paths will look stressful to the eyes. Keep away bulky and intrusive objects that are not operating for most of the day.

On the other hand, it is also wrong to think that simplicity is the same as being boring. The true art form of interior designing is about being creative and part of this is achieving a minimally designed area with attractive expression of the spatial volume nonetheless. Also, if you have simpler design concepts with minimal pieces in a room, you can save more money in getting just high-quality and well-made objects or accessories that will fit in one space. Go for unique finds if you can and not just those which can be seen directly from any product catalog.

7. Determine the Right Proportion

Especially with regard to choosing furniture, scale and proportion matter a lot in designing any space. The ratio of design elements must be complementary to one another, whether as parts versus parts or parts to the whole. Size or scale should be balanced out when deciding which things will go best in the room. It is recommended to emphasize which objects will dominate the others to create harmony or unity among the pieces of accessories in the interior.


These drafting concepts will form as an integral part of your experience as you can also improve on your thought process and become more creative. Whether you are hiring an architect or an expert interior designer to redesign or redecorate your space or you will be doing it yourself, learning the basics of interior designing is good to know. Designing spaces is not hard. With more research and more resources, you can apply all these tips and turn out into a great interior designer.

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