Basketball Socks

An Overview

Ever wondered what basketball socks are, what they can be used for, or why you should buy them? Ever questioned what benefits they provide? Well, in this article, a quick overview of these socks is given, and by the end of the article, you will have gained a good understanding of what they are.

Basketball Socks – Designed for Sport

Specifically for the sport of basketball, these socks were designed to provide style and comfort to players the world over. Indeed, many sport socks already exist, and each sport already has it signature socks for the game – for example, football players have long, over-the-knee height football socks, gym socks are often very short socks, sometimes even below the heel, and this is where basketball socks come into their own.

basketball socks

Now, what these are, are socks that come up to about mid-calf height, allowing maximum movability and comfort. The best thing about these socks is the support and movement that they provide and allow. Of course, long socks would be useless, as you need your knees to be completely free, and short socks would not be very stylish, but these types of socks allow you to move freely.

Basketball socks are designed by many top of the line manufacturers who have a vested interest in the sport of basketball. Brands like Nike are, of course, the leading manufacturers, as with other basketball clothing (such as shoes, jerseys and shorts).

Basketball Socks – A Vital Part of the Tradition

The main reason people buy these is, slightly obviously, to play basketball in and protect their feet from developing painful blisters. Over the years, they have become an essential part of the kit, and if you are not wearing these socks on the court, you can be sure you are way behind the people that are wearing them.

If you play basketball even semi-regularly, an investment in a good pair of these socks is vital towards both your success on the court and your friendships off. Nobody wants to play with somebody who doesn’t even have the right kit, am I right?

Bear in mind, you won’t be disappointed if you purchase a decent pair – the comfort and flexibility they provide is second to none and you will really feel the difference on the court – and you’ll probably want to wear them off the court too!

So, if you’re looking for a decent pair of socks to play basketball in, then the best thing to do would be to make the obvious choice. If they’re good enough for the pros, then that means they should be more than good enough for you! Take your time, explore all the options, and pick out a pair of basketball socks that you like in the right color for your team (whether it be school, street or league team), and then go ahead and buy some – they really could change the way you play basketball!

Image by VarsityLife under CC-BY-ND-3.0 via Flickr