Bathroom Design Ideas- Is it Feasible to design my own Bathroom?

Designing the bathroom of your living space is as important as designing other rooms like the bedroom, living room and the kitchen as there is some part of the day which you essentially spend in the bathroom. It is your own private space, where you can spend half an hour soaking in a warm tub of water and unwinding after the end of a long and busy day at work. This means that you can choose a great design for your bathroom, which will give a nice and aesthetic ambience to it.
Here are some important tips which you can keep in mind while framing a design for your own bathroom:

1. Size and Dimensions

The first thing to keep in mind while framing a bathroom design idea is the size and dimensions as per the available space. It also includes deciding the placement of various elements of the bathroom, including the shower, tub, basin and toilet. Some other important points are the style of flooring, design and size of tiles chosen for the bathroom, color of walls and flooring and light and shade scheme for your bathroom. Also, the size of the bathroom is dependent on its location and usage in the house, such as master bathroom is different in size from the children’s bathroom and guest bathroom.

2. Lifestyle of the User

Bathroom design is determined to a large extent, by the lifestyle of the person who is going to use it. The needs of singles and couples differ from those of a large family and so does it vary in case of the elderly. All these factors have a bearing on the design you choose for your bathroom. Also, one can choose a modern or traditional décor according to one’s preference.

3. Storage Requirement

When you think of a design for your bathroom, storage requirement is another key issue to be kept in mind. For instance, you may want to have smartly fitted cabinets and shelves, along with towel bards and medicine cabinets in your bathroom to use the available space in an optimized manner.

4. Proper Ventilation

Bathrooms need god ventilation in particular, as they are more susceptible to staying wet and can stink at times. When you determine a design for your bathroom, you need to give due importance to ventilation factor, so that humidity and moisture are not able to penetrate into the walls and ceilings and the bathroom stays clean and fresh day and night. Installation of ventilation fans, in addition to keeping adequate openings for circulation of fresh air, can be helpful in this regard.

A bathroom designed by a home owner is a reflection of his own taste and style, as it shows your choice in color, style and design. Also, a design should be such that it should be evergreen and look good in the long run, as a gaudy and bright design can seem irritating for the eyes after a prolonged period of time. So, one should choose subtle and simple designs while planning a Bathroom Edinburgh for your home.