Battery Operated Face Scrubber- Face Massager

A battery operated face scrubber is basically a rotating face brush designed to exfoliate the face. Many of them are also considered face massagers since while they scrub they can also massage. To exfoliate you use the rotating face brush with a facial cleanser, however, when you want to focus more on massage you do not use facial cleanser, but face massage cream. Facial exfoliating can be irritating to the skin when you overdo, therefore, it should only take 1-2 minutes to exfoliate the face with a face scrubber. When using the face scrubber unit for massage it takes somewhat longer, 5-10 minutes is sufficient.

There is another type of battery operated facial cleansing machine that is similar to the face scrubber and is used as a facial massager as well. The attachment head of the unit isn’t a brush, but it does massage and spin. One of the most popular units of this type is the Neutrogena Wave- Power Cleanser. It has 183 reviews with a 4 star rating on Amazon and is priced under $15. Also, check out the Dove SkinVitalizer Facial Cleansing Massager, it is priced under $10 with 28 reviews and a 4 star rating. These massage units are priced very well and are excellent for beginners who want to start an exfoliating regimen.

For those who are more interested in the battery operated facial cleansing brush type of facial scrubber the Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System is one of the top rated and most cost effective you will find. It has a whopping 393 reviews with a 4+ star rating on Amazon, so it is quite popular. Since this one is a facial cleansing system, price is a bit higher at $30 unless you catch it on sale. Everything is included and it’s ready to go.

Another major player in the facial cleansing brush arena is the Clarisonic and it is typically priced over $100 depending on the model, features and face care products included.

If you have been around a while you know that skin care products can be costly, especially when it comes to facial skin care. As you can see most of the face care products mentioned are very affordable and are backed by high ratings and reviews.

If you feel as though your facial skin isn’t the way you want it to be then maybe it’s time for you to give a battery operated face massager a try.