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Battery Operated Patio Umbrella Lights – Create Mood Lighting without Electricity

Spending time outdoors once the warm weather arrives is something we all look forward to. We get out the deck chairs and the patio table and clean off the barbeque and simply enjoy the day. But patio lighting can be an issue if you enjoy spending your evenings outdoors and especially if serving a late night barbeque dinner and would like to see what you are eating!

This is where patio umbrella lights would really help. These lights are battery operated LED lights that last a very long time. They fit around the pole and at the top of your table umbrella and will light up the table nicely. You can get different colours of lenses to create different moods and create a warm ambiance for your guests

Affordable Outdoor Lighting for Your Table

It is nice when you can see what you are eating and see the faces of your guests or family. If you have been thinking about outdoor lighting but don’t want the expense and bother of running underground wiring or setting up outdoor electrical outlets, or maybe you rent your space and can’t make any alterations, then check out the line of umbrella lights that will still give you the warm lighting that you want for under 30 dollars.

If you have been depending on that bright backdoor bulb to light up your backyard or patio or to keep critters away, then many it is time to make your outdoor space more inviting. This patio umbrella light will emit a mixture of white and amber light which doesn’t attract pests, but creates beautiful lighting for your late night dinner without any glare. It also has a dimmer so you can control the lighting.

LED Patio Umbrella Lights

This style of bulb will last a very long time, you will not be constantly changing batteries. This is a brilliant idea for the perfect late night party. The table glows beautifully and the lighting fits easily in the top of your umbrella.

It works with a simple on/off switch and this light is easy to install. Outdoor lighting can get expensive, but there are alternatives that will still give you the mood lighting you are looking for so that you can extend you evening and enjoy as much of the warm days and nights as possible. You can also get outdoor floor lamps that would work for a porch scenario too.

If you have a table and umbrella set further out in your yard, then using a battery operated patio umbrella light would be the answer to your lighting needs.

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