Battle of Benches: Body-Solid PFID125X Vs GFID225

PFID125X or GFID225 – Which Will Serve You Better?

The workout bench is the staple piece in any home gym, so it is important you get it right — and with choosing a body solid bench you know that you’re getting a quality piece of equipment. However, it can be difficult distinguishing which one is right for you — here we compare the PFID125X Vs GFID225, identifying their features respectively and then highlighting their differences, from this it will hopefully make it clearer for you in choosing which model to go for.

Body Solid PFID125X Review

The PFID125X (priced just over $150) is designed as a ‘powerline’ multi-bench that comes already assembled upon order (so you could literally get it straight out the box and start working it out). It is adjustable on 7 different levels through the seat and ladder (see image on the right) — decline, incline, upright and flat — offering itself as the perfect accompaniment for free weight workouts (e.g. dumbbells, barbells etc.).

Moreover, it is foldable to 9′ by 57′ by 16′ and it comes attached with wheels so once you are done with it you can easily move it away into storage — making it ideal for those who are a bit tight on space. The frame is made from commercial steel and can easily accommodate up to 500 lbs. In all, the PFID125X is a basic yet quality utility bench that comes at a very affordable price.

Note: when bought new the PFID125X is covered for 10 years.

Rating: 84% (sourced | Dimensions: 16′ x 57′ x 18′

Body Solid GFID225 Review

Essentially the GFID225 is an upgraded PFID125X hence is a bit more expensive at over $250 but the purpose is largely the same, designed as a multi-bench to be ‘functional, compact, portable and durable’. Again, it comes completely assembled upon order and features the seven differing positions for flexibility and adaptability to suit & support you with every workout you conduct.

It is integrated with a 2 by 3 inch tubing to provide full support & durability to withstand even the most intensive workouts (supporting 1000 lbs) and has wheels attached so you can quickly wheel it into a more suitable position for the next set of exercises. The GFID225 can also fold up with the exact same dimensions as the PFID125x but has slightly more padding for extra comfort.

Note: when bought new it is backed by a life time warranty coverage.

Rating: 86% (sourced | Dimensions: 16′ x 57′ x 18′

What’s the Difference Between the PFID125X and GFID225?

As you can see the GFID225 and PFID125X from Body Solid are actually very similar – the only significant differences is that the GFID225 supports about double that of the PFID125X can and comes with slightly more added padding. Both are the same size & offer the same adjustable settings. This and the fact the GFID225 comes with a life time warranty as opposed to 10 years with the PFID125X.

The Winner: The Body Solid GFID225 Utility Bench

Which Bench Should You Buy the PFID125X or GFID225?

It basically comes down to how intense are your work outs going to be. For the casual gym goer and those who want to get fit with dumbbells, you will be more than fine with the PFID125X. However, if you are you going to be doing a lot of intensive bar bell work with racks and smith machines, to be completely safe and supported you are better off going with the Body Solid GFID225 bench.

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