Battle Of The Toe Shoes – Vibram FiveFingers Vs. Fila Skeletoes

A few years ago Vibram, an Italian based company predominately known for the manufacturing of outdoor shoe soles, flipped the world upside down with the release of their FiveFingers “toe shoes”. Being an avid outdoor enthusiast and a river guide, I was privy to the release right away and rushed out to get a pair. My initial reaction was WTF! However, my original “WTF feeling has forever been replaced with the comfort I have in every step sense.

New to the footwear scene this year are the Fila Skeletoes. At first glance they look almost exactly the same as their higher priced Vibram counterpart. But, as we all know, looks can be deceiving. After further inspection, I saw that the Skeletoes did not have five individual toe pockets. In fact the last two toes are pocketed together. (Insert “WTF” feeling) As I try them on, trying to keep an open and unbiased mind. I placed newly shoed feet on the ground and immediately felt one of the biggest differences with the Fila Skeletoes. There is no contour to the sole of the shoe. With the Vibram FiveFingers, the sole has a contour that matches the sole of your feet. The Fila Skeletoes has an extremely ridged bottom that is completely flat.

In a nutshell, I would only recommend the Fila Skeletoes to be purchased to be used as an over priced water shoe at $60.00. If you are interested in the the benefits that “toe shoes” have to offer, I personally will always spend the extra $10-$20 for the real deal.

*If you are thinking of ordering online, this link will help you with your sizing.*

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