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Bay Area Custom Printing Services – Flexible Answer to Your Printing Needs


Bay Area Custom Printing Services

Technology has reached its peak, especially in bay area custom printing services. All of us will need printing done at some time or another. Printing services is in demand in our days. It plays a big role in advertising. If you have a business, you will probably need printing service to promote and publicize it and if you want to do major printing jobs like printing books, bay area custom printing services can do it all for you.

Different Types of Printing Services

The type of printing should also be considered if you are looking for the best bay area custom printing services. Printing is one of the major ways to promote a business. That is why printing is often carried out as a large-scale. To attain the best printing service that suits your need, you have to choose the right artwork, the right type of materials and ink and of course the right type of printing. Listed below are some of the major printing methods offered in bay area custom printing services.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the newest method in printing services. Digital imaging technology is used instead using films. Typesetting and making plates are no longer needed in this type of printing. Text and graphics can be sent directly from the computer to the press. It is ideal for small print runs. It is particularly good for four color jobs and that need to be turned around in less than forty eight hours. The Ink or Toner used in digital printing does not absorb into the paper, as does conventional ink, but forms a layer on the surface. Reproduction of digital images are made on physical surface like photographic paper, plastic, film or cloth. Digital printing is generally economical since it requires less use of chemicals and papers.

Electrostatic Printing

It is another type method offered in bay area custom printing services. It is a process of printing similar to photocopying. It is ideal for very short printing runs. This method uses a paper coated with layer of zinc oxide that serves as insulator while in the dark and conductor of electricity when expose to light. This paper is given a negative electrical charge in the dark then image and text will be projected when exposed to light.

Screen Printing

It is the most economical in bay area custom printing services. This method is also known as silk screening. This process forces ink to pass through a screen like a stencil pattern. It can be performed on any type of material like paper, glass, fabric, plastic, metal and wood. It is useful when images or text are needed to be printed in odd shaped manufactured object like mugs and soft drink bottles. It can also be used when printing signs, posters and circuit board.

Thermography Printing

Thermography is print finishing process offered in bay area custom printing services. Thermography is the process of spreading thermal powders on the wet ink of a print application and heating it in order to melt the powder into a single solid mass which is raised above the printed surface. Thermography can add value to many ordinary print applications. Among the many applications that can benefit from thermography are letterheads, greeting cards, invitations, business cards, marketing applications, announcements, and envelopes. Thermography can make the appearance of many print applications more distinctive, providing a customized appearance that cannot be achieved with any other method.


Flexography continues to be one of the fastest growing bay area custom printing services; it is no longer reserved for printing specialty items. It is a method that uses a flexible relief plate that can be hold on to a printing cylinder. This process has similarity with letterpress. However, it is more versatile compared to letterpress that it can be used for printing on any type of substance surface including plastic, metallic films, paper and cellophane. This method is widely used for printing on the non-porous substrates needed for various types of food packaging. It is also well suited for printing large areas of solid color. This is the process used to print packaging materials such as plastic bags, grocery bags, gift wrap or bottle and can labels.

What to Consider in Choosing the Right Printing Service for You

Bay area custom printing services are widespread. It is designed to support and supply the right service for your printing needs. Nowadays, printing services are readily available everywhere. However, if you are looking for the right printing service that fits your needs, you have to consider several things.

Consider the Technology Being Used

The fist thing you have to consider in choosing bay area custom printing services is the technology being used by the company. It should be considered because it significantly affects the quality of printing services that they offer. Modern custom printing service offers good quality products, and also finishes the printing job swiftly.

Consider the Reputation

The best bay area custom printing services are offered by leading companies. They offer state of the art printing service. Leading companies in this field has growing reputation because they always provide their clients fast, friendly and cost effective service. Customers should check for the feedbacks given to the company. They should also know the length of years that a company delivers such service. Mostly, aged companies are considered reputable, because a company won’t last long if they are not able to provide the needs of their costumers.

Variety of Services Offered

If you are looking for the best bay area custom printing services for you, you must consider the range of service the company offers. A customer always looks for a company that can provide all of their printing needs.

Bay area custom printing services deliver the best quality prints for you. It offers exceptional service that fits your budget, whether you are looking for brochure printing, stationery, folders or carbonless business data forms. Bay area custom printing services are ready to supply top quality printing for their costumers.

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Bay Area Custom Printing Services – Flexible Answer to Your Printing Needs
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