Be Careful – Email Version

Yes, you have your ‘business’ email account. That is your name. Surely you can’t use when you are dealing with business. But! Use that email account only for ‘official’ purposes.

When you join any site, from writing to fora, use different accounts.

When you join publishing sites, use a different name and account for each. Your Hubpages, Wikinut, Seekyt, etc. should all be attached to a specific email address you created for that purpose. In this way you can keep track of what, where, and the pay.

One of the most ridiculous things that most of us have experienced is the ‘business’ email where every single person who was sent this email is listed. Everyone can now get your email address and start the Spam thing.

I always delete the addresses if I forward the email. Why I need to have the email of everyone on this list makes no sense. The person or agency who sent the email should have a care and do blind carbon copies. That option is real. Why it isn’t used is the joy of spammers.

The second thing you need to keep firm in your mind, is your ‘money’ accounts, that is the email address you use for PayPal or your bank should be a special very private email.

The third warning is that be very careful in using your ‘real’ accounts anywhere. Better to use your ‘sweetiepoo’ and other such ‘nick’ accounts on everything you can.

Never open anything from anyone you don’t know. If you aren’t sure, just leave it unopened. Your Spam filters should be dumping most of the spam into that box, which you scan now and then so as not to miss anything. Sometimes a real item is marked spam and dumped. Other times, the Spam arrives in your mail box.

Do not open Spam.

I once was on a fan site and there was a psychotic there who began to email me the worst kind of viri and malware. I was lucky, I had a very strong malware program. Beside these ‘gifts’ she sent me a false ‘gift card’ at Amazon.

To tell you all the garbage she sent would take another article. However, the email address I had used to join that fansite was one I rarely used for anything but foolishness. I rarely visited that account, and dropped out of the fansite.

I always imagine if I had used one of my real accounts instead of my ‘sweetiepoo’ one.

Another thing you must have firm in the front of your mind is the possibility of hacking.

For example, those of us who entered the Great Superhighway in 1995, for example, were used to the easy password. Banker used ‘Bank’, Fireman used ‘Fire’. Over time, the hackers went to town.

Many sites now demand passwords you have to write down, because you can’t remember them. You have to do the unexpected. For example, Toast. The ‘T’ is Capitalised. The ‘o’ is now a ‘0’. The ‘a’ is &. The S is ‘s’. The final t is ‘t’. To guess ‘toast’ or ‘toasted’ or ‘toasting’ or when it’s a 12 letter, ‘toastedtoast’.

The extra letters can be ‘e’ as 8 the d as D, ‘ing’ can become !nG. And the 12 letter…you get the idea.

In this way you have a better chance of recall than #u&kej996ek.

If you try to get on an account and can’t because your password was changed, that means your account was hacked. Contact the site, close the account.

Be careful.