Be careful when leasing your land for a solar farm in UK

Before you go barmy over the returns that a solar farm in UK promises, you may have to take the operating and capital expenses into consideration. Perhaps if you can get yourself a copy of the latest review done by the Department of Energy & Climate change, you are likely to become a fait with the updated solar PV costs and other relevant facts. Furthermore, when thinking about leasing your land for a farm, you may also want to consider the FITs (feed-in tariffs) and their impact on the returns that you can expect. At the same, relying on a firm that cannot help you start from scratch may cause too much aggro.

Things integral to the development of a solar farm
The firm may have promised you that by leasing your land for a farm, you will be collecting lots of nuggets for donkey’s years, but you must confirm if they are willing to handle the design and planning phase. In fact, if possible, the firm should make arrangements for a site survey, thereby determining the viability of your land. Preferably it should be after this survey that the firm should start designing your farm. Thereafter, if any type of application needs to be submitted, maybe for connecting to the grid, and you ask the firm to do so, you must not feel as if you have dropped a clanger.

Things that may brass you off
Before biting your arm off, you need to ensure that you have no fallen prey to Chinese whispers and are aware of the facts. If you are not, then stop fanning around and dig deeper to find out if the firm can only help you with design and planning or is it good at handling construction and service as well. In fact, if the firm is not able to complete the construction work with limited disruption, you may not have chosen a bee’s knees one.

Things that you must be watchful of
If at all, the idea of a solar farm doesn’t work, you may want to tap the potential of wind energy and bank on the renewable revolution. It’s just like when you don’t get jellied eel, you sometimes settle for bangers and mash; however, in this case, you may have the opportunity to make decent profits in either of the situations. Perhaps if you consider the 500kW wind turbines, you may not have to bodge things for frequenting the cashpoint.