Be Confident, it’s not only YOU!

Read this article to know, not every medical illness is life threatening. Urinary incontinence is easily curable, manageable and flexible to live with. Remember, it’s not only you, who’s suffering – there are loads of women, who are successful, prettier, smarter and at the same time a patient of urinary incontinence and illnesses related to it.

Women are generally obsessed with getting beauty approvals from everyone but it’s good to remember, pleasing everyone is not possible. The quote, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” is a beautiful feel, I guess it hits straight at heart, especially when you are broken at someone’s ill comment. It’s a universal truth, you can’t be appealing to all, you’ll always be judged, chosen and loved at your originality-uniqueness. However, women often let down themselves if they aren’t born prettier. Why? It is believed, confidence is the key to strike someone’s appeal. Apart from physical illnesses, women also lack confidence at different dimensions, say for instance, women who are medically ill with some embarrassing health issue like HIV, aids, urinary incontinence or vaginal tightening problems, they often stay secluded. If you think you are confident, you can make it- trust me, you can!

Love Yourself!
Apart from physical beauty, there are various other reasons that kill your confidence. Women suffering from urinary incontinence remain isolated, secluded and distant from worldly activities. No matter, how beautiful they are, they are afraid of experiencing shame and embarrassment. They tend to leak urine while experiencing nature’s call, so they remain in shades to avoid any mishap. But let me explain this, firstly, there are thousands of women across the world, who are suffering from urinary incontinence, you are not the ONLY one. Secondly, it’s not incurable, get it cured and live the same as others do. Third and the foremost is, you must not cover the real you beneath any barrier. If you have it-face it! Pool in and educate others that you deserve the same. It’s an aging sign too, others are at risk as well.

This is not the end of the world…
If you think, your medical illness or health problem is a dilemma, scores 10 on the drama scale; you won’t get much sympathy from people around. It’s not very sane of a woman to think this way. Stress Urinary incontinence is an illness that is curable, very easily manageable and flexible to live with. I agree, creating this perspective will you a while but taking too long is not a good idea. Be confident, you’ll be able to deal it nicely. Plan a day chart and schedule your bathroom timing, frequent visits will save you from leaking in public. Avoid much caffeine, alcohol or tea as these trigger urine incontinence.

Stop comparing yourself with others!
You are a complete individual, you don’t have to be like others or follow them to meet them. You may not like to hear this, but this is what you do. There are people out there who are prettier, popular, smarter, richer, and successful than you but they are not YOU. Respect yourself and celebrate your individuality. Being richer, healthier or prettier doesn’t assure mental peace, therefore assuming others are happier than you is wrong. Life is a walk, walk it your way, be yourself and capture the screen!

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