Be on TV

Nowadays everybody wants to be on TV. Being on TV can make you a household name; make you famous and probably most importantly make you rich! But how do you get to be on TV? Well there are a few pointers that you can follow to help you become a TV star.

Reality Shows

There are literaly hundreds of reality shows on TV around the world and these reality shows want real people like you to be in them and be on TV. There are numerous websites available that lists the details of the reality shows that are currently looking for ‘contestants’. Some reality shows require you to have some sort of talent – singing, dancing etc. There are also reality shows that just want you to be on TV as a real person. If you are interesting or perhaps even ‘quirky’ you may get the opportunity to be on a reality TV show.

Be in the audience

Numerous TV shows are filmed in front of a live audience; members of the public can get tickets to be in the audience often for free! Good types of shows to go for are ones that involve some sort of audience participation or discussion; you never know if you have something interesting to say the producers may ask you to come back again or you may be ‘spotted’ and asked to do something else on TV.

Get Skilled

To be on TV for the long term you need to have some presenting skills. TV presenting requires skills such as reading from an autocue, interviewing techniques and being able to talk to camera. Many local colleges provide courses in presentation skills and you could also volunteer for a local hospital radio station in order to improve your skills ready for your big break.

Get out there and do it

The rise of social media such as YouTube and the cheap availability of digital video cameras means you can get good experience of being on TV by filming your own video blogs and hosting them on YouTube. If you are really good and have a popular channel the TV executives will want you to work for them.