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There has been ample debate on the authenticity of various goods while buying and selling online. In fact; the more the investment is, the higher the risk and vice versa. This is why it is a hefty struggle to be convinced to buy precious gems and jewellery online especially when we’re talking about diamonds.

A handsome young lad hailing from royal ancestry fell head over heels in love with a simple girl from Jodhpur. A lavish upbringing had taught him little of the value of money, savings and making choices. Neither did he question his purchases nor did he think twice about goods on display. Procuring what he desired was the alpha and omega as far as Ratan was concerned. That’s exactly how he bought the diamond studs as an accessory to his big proposal.

When Ratan first pledged his love to Neha, she was overwhelmed by the gesture. She hadn’t responded for many days to preceding bouquets, gifts nor his phonecalls. That’s when he started wondering what he wasn’t doing right.

Turns out that Neha did not like being serenaded. Too much attention came across as condescension, her primary trigger. However, she later mellowed considering the amount of effort Ratan was making only to let her know how he felt.

As they grew fond of each other, Ratan asked what it would take to make their love permanent. He wished for Neha to choose a diamond ring but she said she preferred Diamond Studs and he obliged. She was keen to go to the jewelers the very next day but Ratan had other plans. He opened his sleek palm-top as he made her surf through various diamond websites.

Neha, after much toggling rested her choice on the sparkling round 58 faceted pair that would most definitely reflect all the light around it. She read the fine print to make sure the diamond studs came with an authentication certificate and wasn’t manufactured in any way illegally.

Delighted, thanks to instant courier services the brilliant Diamond Studs reached the pair the very next day. Since that one knee proposal day, Neha’s studded appearance radiated strongly that she was to be forever in love!

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