Be Your Own Fashion: 4 Ways to Have Your Own Style

For rich celebrities with more money to spare to end world hunger many times over, always looking and acting fashionable is a given (rich people sometimes don’t know or don’t really care how they spend their money). Their bodies are like walking fashion statements of their personal tastes (just by looking, you can clearly see who is shallow and who is confident). People always assume or are ready to believe (because they can’t distinguish between TV and real life sometimes) finding your own style means you need to spend more on clothes than anything else. While this is partly true, I’m here to say you don’t need to spend that much. All it takes to have your own style, no matter who you are is to stop, look and listen to others. Look around you. People are waving their styles at your eyes. The clothes they wear, how they cut their hair and whether they have make-up or not, shows you how unique each person’s style is the same as yours. Here are 4 ways to have a style on your own.

1. Find your inspiration

Shift through fashion magazines, look at clothes shops, observe your favorite celebrities. The clothes make them who they are and by copying their styles, you can make your own. Inspiration comes when you know your icons so well, you can mix and match different elements using their style as a springboard. Experiment until you find a style that fits your skin tone, body shape and beliefs.

2. Know what you want to accomplish

Want to be the best? Then dress like the best. Act and talk like them until you start to think like them and develop your own style that shares traits with your idols but has some unique differences that improve from their original style. Take out a journal and write your dreams and goals as well as what kind of clothes you desire to have. It is not required to be expensive. You are looking only at the visual aesthetics, not the material quality (since it’s still too expensive or you don’t want to buy anything expensive even when you can) for now. To get your dream job, you will need to add more clothes to your wardrobe. Clothes tell us who you are underneath. A great attorney would always wear a suit much like the CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Meyer (see image below) would dress simply and elegantly to express confidence and power.

3. Wear what makes you comfortable

There are styles and there are styles, which doesn’t make sense. What you wear should improve your image in every way, which means comfort as well as style is important in being picky with clothes and accessories. Sunglasses Philippines makes glasses for both comfort and style which makes it an ideal accessory for people who want one. While wearing outrageous outfits sends a clear message, (We get it, you want to stand out but can’t you project it in other ways?) that shouldn’t be the case for you. Clothes should be fit and comfortable. It should add to your personality and improve your image, not add stress and discourage people from taking you seriously. If your body is slim, don’t wear loose fitting clothes. People wouldn’t be able to see your confidence that way. It is more likely they will see you as the opposite and avoid you altogether.

4. Trust your instincts

The latest fashion trends will come and go. A personal style remains with you for life. It will always remain in style. Don’t trust fashion experts (unless they tell you to develop your own style). They don’t know you well enough to know what you like. Learn to follow your guts. Turn to people you can trust for help and guidance especially from those who know you. People who have known you a long time know more about you than you do. Listen to their words and ask for their opinions. They will tell you what works for you and what doesn’t.

Developing your own personal style takes time. Get started right now. The clothes you wear will not only enhance your image of yourself and what others think of you but it will improve your chances of reaching your dreams a lot faster, opening more opportunities for you that would not have been available if you kept a I-don’t-care look. People like to make assumptions. If you project a look that always places their minds to think positively of you, the difference would benefit you greatly in whatever goal you want to achieve.